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    May 31, 2004
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    Since there are no more individual horn forums anymore, I suggest putting sub-forums up for those who might have a question/comment about a certain make or model.
    Here's my suggestion on how to do it without any major changes:

    If there would be a small section (maybe on the top or bottom) of 'links' to a cluster of topics about each brand of trumpet then this would cause some users not to have to dig through all the pages of posts that they do not want to read. Officially this still would not be the same way that it was...it would be more of a SEARCH of a particular brand and not a FORUM of a particular brand. I think that this would also cut down on the wasted posts and keep this site more informative than the alternative. (we all know that certain posts tend to repeat themselves)

    What does everyone think about being able to keep the horns forum the way it is, but having small links on the (side, top, or bottom) to search the topics in each brand's category? This seems like a logical alternative to a major problem. Again, it's what I thought set this site far above the rest.


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