how about them high notes?

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    I just wrote this for another thread.


    The reason a good teacher is important is: on a guitar, piano, drums, etc. the instrument makes the sound. All you have to do to make a sound is pluck a string, press a key or strike a head. This requires no learning of fine motor skills. Of course if you realy want to play these instruments, that does require skill. On a trumpet the lips make the sound and if you don't develop the fine motor skills required your progress will be minimual if at all. You can not read about it or just learn from a book anymore than you can learn to play a sport this way. So if you want to just fool around with the trumpet go ahead. If you want to learn to play take some lessons. Oh and you HAVE to play at least 5 days a week for up to 30 minutes a day. i hope this helps put you on the right track and good luck and enjoy. Of course we all think that the trumpet is the king of instrumpets.:play: :thumbsup:
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    Of course the best way begin to learn playing the trumpet is with a teacher to snuff any bad traits before they become bad habits.But if this is not an option and your a good self learner, I would go to a music store an pick up a combination book-dvd on learing to play the trumpet.A good visualization on the proper positioning of the mpc,posture.air,finger position etc. are all important to advance and gain access to the more advanced levels.A visualization is probably 100x more useful than just written words.Anything (mostly) today is possible to learn in this high tech society if one takes his time and stays focused and dedicated.Dizzy never had a lesson,nuf said.

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