How did you get paid by a dubious client?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by NickD, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. ADziuk

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    Yeah, I'm all for being a nice guy, but you gotta push if you have to. If you can't afford to pay the musicians, then you can't afford to make the CD.
  2. Clarence

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    Jun 23, 2005
    san diego
    Yeah, i was almost stiffed.
    This club owner in L.A contracted us out for $1,500.00 for a 2 hour gig.
    At the end of our last show we only got $500.oo i went on a rant and my big brother said just be cool will get THE MONEY TONIGHT!
    So we packed up like everything was cool and left,we came back with the boy,s 2 hours later got the money with $100.00 extra for interest!
    We gave the boy,s $250.00 for collecting fee,s. :cool:
  3. trickg

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    Oct 26, 2003
    To date I have NEVER been stiffed for a gig, however, I think that I may have involuntarily been accidentally privy to one of our bretheren getting stiffed.

    The situation: A friend of mine is getting married at a quaint ceremony South of Annapolis, MD, right on the water, and he doesn't want anything fancy, just a keyboard player to provide light music before the ceremony, processional music and recessional music. He asks if I know anyone. Sure - I know a guy who freelances and did a lot of filling in with the Big Band I used to play with. We've spoken quite a bit on gigs and rehearsals and I put them in touch with each other - done deal, right? (As a side note, neither my friend nor his current wife are known to be really on top of things, and this in spite of the fact that he's a graduate of the US Naval Academey.)

    So the wedding day comes, I chit-chat with the keyboard player during some of the down time, everything goes off with out a hitch....

    I don't remember how much longer it was, but it was after they came back from their honeymoon to Mexico, and we are talking about this that and the other at my place, and he makes a comment to the effect of "yeah, I still need to pay Ralph" (not his real name) I didn't say anything but was thinking "&^%$^**&^!!!!! I can't believe he didn't cut him a check THAT day!" I certainly hope the guy got paid, but I haven't actually seen or talked to him since that day. It makes me sick to think that maybe he got stiffed, because he probably took the gig on good faith due to my part in it and if he did get stiffed, he probably still holds a grudge against me for it.

    Anyway, that's my story - one day I should probably call the guy and if he truly did get stiffed, I should pay the guy the agreed upon fee to make things right between us.
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    Dec 13, 2005
    On a related note.

    Some good friends of mine in college agreed to do an Easter gig which a fellow musician set up. The deal was set up well in advance so needless to say my friends turned down other gigs. Less than a week before Easter this clown cancels them and doesn't find them another gig.

    I remember this guys name. Not that I am looking for playing engagments for $$ but I will NEVER play a gig with this guy, for this guy, or have anything to do with him.


    Oh, and needless to say, they did not get paid.

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