How do you "consider" a horn you've never played?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by amzi, Jul 24, 2013.

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    As I don't play trumpet, I have had to rely solely on comments and reputation as found on this site and TH. My N+1 started with Ambassadors and when my husband started making noise about wanting a professional trumpet my desire leaned toward the Recording based on conversations here TH and Brass Review. As luck would have it. Recordings dried up on ebay When I was searching to get him one for Christmas a few years ago. I found one online at Oberloh Woodwind and Brass works But they had sold it 10 minutes before I called. All was not lost however as they had another in the shop but it needed a restoration. If I was willing to wait... They would sell me the horn restored for what I was willing to spend for a pig in the poke on ebay. It arrived and Fred enjoyed a surprise Christmas in April. Yes I was able to keep my plot to myself, each night falling asleep with thoughts of that Recording's offset valve and reoloy bell. The experience of opening the package brought tears to Freddie's eyes, mine too as it was the most stunning horn I have ever seen. ( now matched in beauty only by the Vocabell in my signature) I've since acquired and have restored several other horns that are often mentioned in the forums. The Recording is still Freddie's favorite (we are waiting for the Super Recording Trumpet to come back from Oberloh).
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    Amzi: Other than the once I was there--I was in meetings in Burlingame--I have only had the two dealings via mail with them. My visit was pre- the most recent comeback so I just kind of hung out while a friend tried out tenor sax mpcs. I was dazzled by the collection of horns they seemed to have, but since I wasn't playing and had no mpc with me I just looked and didn't really engage them. I am really interested in your impression once you find the time to get there. A lot of water could have gone under the bridge by now...
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    I'll probably try to get down there before Thanksgiving. That will be my next scheduled visit to the Bay Area.
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    I have bought all my horns without playing.....and in the future i would prefer playing first...however....once you get a feel for how some horns are it is fairly easy to make comparisons. Before really investing in any horns except my first $60 Bundy that i got on ebay, i play tested what i could get my hands on, mostly Sam Ash Bachs/Yamahas and a few local used horns.

    Then i took what i felt about all of them and compared to what others said about them, and what they said about horns i was targeting.
    Now, my N+1 wish list is filled with very collectible and pricey items, which i may not get to play before, but from rep alone i think i know what i want.
    A lot of the list came from research into the depths of TM.

    The biggest problem with buy before you play is the valve crapshoot...which i lost on my Committee (but now it has perfect Anderson redone valves).
    I have learned that 'good compression' 'valve pop' and 'valves look great' all mean nothing. so from now on i will not buy a horn without the ability to return if valves need a replating.

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