How do you practice Arban's

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by keigoh, Apr 8, 2013.

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    yes, if you are standing -- then lay the Arbans on the ground and stand on it when practicing -- you will be able to play notes a bit higher, Seriously - use the Arbans for like 15 minutes each practice, go through it methodically and complete each exercise cleanly and precisely -------- BUT FOR MOST OF YOUR PRACTICE time, stand on the Arbans, and play some real music -- -and have some fun with your trumpet!!!! play and be happy!!!!
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    KT's advice is sound, keigoh, but there are some of us so warped and twisted that we actually enjoy Arban's and have fun playing from it with our trumpets!:D
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    So KT, I see you use Arbans as a source to "playing higher" for the majority of your practice time assuming you stand on it for the remainder of the complete session.
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    interesting enough -- this method of using Arbans book, actually helps with my my high note trombone practice also -- although I must admit, I skip the 15 minute Arban's workout with the trombone, as the trumpet using the Arbans - seems to be enough "punishment" for one night!!! ROFL ROFL ROFL
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    I'm not checking, but like so many other books, page numbering can change with editions of the book. Do I dare check the page numbers given herein with my Platinum Edition Of Arban's? I won't because, as I've prior stated, I just take it one page at a time ... when I don't have other etudes / practice, rehearsals, performance on my agenda.
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    There actually is a nice book called "Exercices journaliers - gymnastique du cornettiste" by Arban himself. It's a slim volume containing selected Arban exercises and studies (inclouding a few that are not included in the big Method) that should make up a trumpet (or cornet) player's daily training. It was available from Editions GĂ©rard Billaudot in Paris.

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