How high notes work.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by keigoh, May 29, 2013.

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    The aperture has this weird crossover thingy. It gets smaller as we go from low to high, and it gets larger as we go from soft to loud. A loud Maynard DHC might well have a large aperture, but again, symptom, not cause.

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    Apr 26, 2011
    I understand what your saying, but I don't understand the point your trying to make. If your going to play a loud, high note you have no choice on aperture setting.... It's going to do what you've trained it to do to make that note it's cause, not symptom...
    I'm not disagreeing with you, it's an interesting thought VB.
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    I learned that when you play a high note make sure you raise your tongue the higher the note. You always keep the lips in a tight form. ( don't push your lips on the mouthpiece though) and use lots of fast air. Each person has a different set of notes they can play. I am a little better with higher notes than super low notes. Keep practicing and sooner or later the note will come out right! Hope this helps!:-)
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    Very interesting post!

    I've been teetering on the edge of a 2-sets approach. Though basically a 'downstream' player attempting to unlearn using pressure above the stave, I discovered (accidentally) that by rolling my top lip in, raising my instrument a little and giving it a bit of compression, I had an undiscovered 'upstream' octave by directing the airstream towards my nose.

    I am correct in thinking that this is potentially harmful and best ignored?

    Also, this was such a good thread, I'm surprised no-one has mentioned controlling airstream direction?

    ...or pivot method.

    While I realise that a lot of this is highly individual, there must be some sort of consensus 'orthodox' approach?
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    May 26, 2012
    Kind of like asking a MLB pitcher how he throws a fast ball...............
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    Thank you Sethoflagos !!

    While there are many players out there that use the 2 set approach, Personally I worked pretty hard to get away from this and I am glad that I now have everything I can give on One set. Neither choice is considered wrong in any way. Two sets is like using a falsetto voice to sing and your regular voice, how easy can you make the transition.... When I watch a lot of the greats they use one set, and again there are other world class trumpet players who use two. Mr Sandoval being one of them. He is definitely one of the worlds monster players. So as far as which do you use ? My opinion is to use which ever approach is easier and lets you get the job done. Example…You have a solo that will require both your sets……The conductor does not care HOW you get it done, only that you get it done, one set or two.
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    If you don't use the pivot, you'll not be likely to do well with a Parduba or other double cup mouthpiece like Harry James came to like.
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    Worth repeating.

    With many aspects of trumpet playing (not just high notes), people often discuss symptoms, because we don't know the cause.

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    I've had a read through An Introduction to Donald S. Reinhardt's Pivot System and discover that I fall into :

    Tongue-type Two
    Pivot classification 2 (slight)
    Type IIIB embouchure

    Pretty well has me down to a tee. But having read through it, I see no reason even to consider changing the basic set. Even if I would get a few more squeaks up top.

    PS Apologies for seeming so self-obsessed, but I've no hope of getting professional tuition out here - so I need to try and garner what I can from you more knowledgeable folks.

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