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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by anthony, Mar 8, 2010.

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    Mar 5, 2010
    Garrett789, I love your enthusiasm, but you are sooooooo young. God bless you! Unfortunately, your attitude was my attitude as I began my comeback, and 8 months later I'm still trying to rectify the problem. I just wish I'd paid more attention to the TM site at that time, as it would have been the reality check I needed.
    Best advice: Forget about what you were able to do when you put the trumpet away; try to recall what you were doing when you first picked it up as a kid and start out in a manner somewhat similar to that.
    Funny, but when I go out to run these days, I don't try to duplicate these feats: 10 second 100 yd. dash; 23 ft. long jump; 48 ft. triple jump. So why was I practicing on Carnival of Venice, Hey Jude, Get It On and Hummel and Haydn?
    Take it low, slow and in short bursts; your sanity will thank you.
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    Its kind of crazy if you think about it, anywhere from 6 to 8 months ago God must of spread fairy dust to make more trumpet players, because like myself after 40 years of not even thinking about my horn I decided I needed to do so, and when I read about all the comeback players here near or over my age it make you wonder what is going on. Well- its a very good thing, I had forgotten how much music ment to me, and even though we all are just beginners again, its the music, I listen more and apreciate it more.
    God bless us all. CW
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    For comeback trumpet players... I say, don't worry so much about what you currently sound like and create a practice routine that gives you joy and a feeling of progress.

    Unlike when we were students learning skills and a repertoire, and unless you are planning on being a pro. Remember why you picked up the horn again.

    When I was in music school, we had practice rooms. There was a reason..

    Balance your practice with lip and skill building material, work on something that is a challenge then play some tunes you enjoy. There are amazing accompaniments available on the Internet for any level of player that will make your practice fun and even not bad for your family to listen to.

    Is it necessary to hammer some individual piece to perfection? Maybe not, maybe consider moving one to another piece or intermixing some easier pieces of music to your routine...

    Just my opinion..

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    hey just hang in there --- I am back after 7 yr off and practicing the last 15 months --- im 45 and it took 3 solid months of everyday to get good sound and at least 45 min endurance. today I can do about 3 hrs with good sound (1- 5 min rest after each song or exercise) I can go from low F# to a weak double high C -
    LONG tones seemed to help me the most -- hold something (your favorite notes or scales for like 12 beats each, if you can) --- I think you will see improvement every week. --oh try to play softly -- yeah I know -- but it takes more muscle to do that -- and it will also help a lot, you can add more air for volume later (oh you have to practice that occasionally also)
    play and be happy

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