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Discussion in 'Horns' started by AndrewWK, Oct 19, 2004.

  1. AndrewWK

    AndrewWK Pianissimo User

    Sep 9, 2004
    Today, a kid tripped and stummbled onto my trumpet in its gig bag. When i pulled the trumpet out the bell was bent right at where the barcket end. My 2 and 3rd valves do not work( I think because of the pressure). I was wondering how much it might cost to get my bell striaghtened out would be? Some place like Mr. E's perhaps? I do not want to ship it out seeing I need it by friday for the fotball game and Marhcing Area is the next day.

    Would it be cheeper to go to Brook Mays or Mr. E's?

    Nothing has ever happened to my horns to where I would need to fix it.
    I am lost.

  2. musicalmason

    musicalmason Forte User

    Dec 14, 2003
    well first off, what kind of horn is it, it might not be worth repairing. also if you could get some pictures uploaded that would really help get an estimate, from what you just said my guess, depending on who you go to like a local store (Im assuming thats what MR. e's is) would probably change in the 150 range and more for more exacting professionals. if its just a student horn, you might want to consider something new.
  3. uatrmpt

    uatrmpt Piano User

    Nov 29, 2003
    I'm suffering from the same problem. Unfortunately, in my case it is due to a stupid, self-inflicted wound. I contacted Charlie Melk and Rich Ita, two nationally known repairmen. Charlie quoted $20-30 per valve (assuming they didn't have to be rebuilt) and Rich quoted $80-100 for both valves.

    The moral of the story...when you're frustrated, just sit the horn down and walk away.
  4. AndrewWK

    AndrewWK Pianissimo User

    Sep 9, 2004
    Right now i am not in the possition to buy a new horn. I do not think the valves are messed up because of how far away the bend is. it is a Student Blessing that I use for marching band. I would like to get a new one but my parents do not want to replace it. Seeing how I got it last year for$200. I do not have a digital camera so I could not upload pics of it. I'll try to find some on the web that are similar.

  5. Heavens2kadonka

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    Jun 17, 2004
    Lebanon, TN
    Ahem... You do know MUSICandCHARACTER is offering a free trumpet if you purchase the case, and I guarantee you it would kick your blessing's ass any day of the week (I despise the Blessing line). Or how about an Ambassador!?!??!

  6. AndrewWK

    AndrewWK Pianissimo User

    Sep 9, 2004
    Sorry, I am sending out my trumpet tomorrow to the best guy in the DFW area.


    MUSICandCHARACTER Forte User

    Jan 31, 2004
    Newburgh, Indiana
    Don't spend too much.

    I have a pretty good horn sitting right here that I bought that had a very musty, awful case. But the horn once the slides were freed plays very well. It is a 1955-60 Cleveland "Toreador". It needs a case. I figure if someone buys a case (even at the TM price) I would throw the horn in. Pictures of it in its old musty case (it was really bad, I threw it in the trash as soon as I got it, ugh!).



    It does play very well. For $60 or so (depending on what kind of case you want) and shipping I could have it too you in a jiffy. Cheaper than some repairs.

    On the other hand, my brass tech always says that the first thing to look at with valve problems is to see if there has been any bending done to the horn. Simply bending it back often relieves the pressure and the valves work again. It might be a cheap fix!


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