How Much Is My L.A. Benge Worth???

Discussion in 'Vintage Trumpets / Cornets' started by ButlerBandgeek8, Apr 6, 2010.

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    Hello! I am new to TM. I am writting because I would like to know the value of my Benge trumpet. It is an old Los Angeles, CA Bb Benge, with silver finish. It is still in great condition with the original case. I am not sure how old it is, but the valves work great and all the slides move freely and come off with a big pop, with the exception of the 3rd slide that is a little stuck. The finish is still in tact and in great condition for its age, except for a little tarnish (especially on the bell) which is probably easily removeable. The bell reads "Resno-Tempered Bell 5; Custom Built By E-BENGE; Los Angeles, Calif." The Serial No. is 26653. Also,the middle valve has the letters ML on it. I susspect the trumpet is about 20-30 years old, but I'm not sure. It still plays very,very well and has good tone. I am considering selling the instrument, but I do not know how much to sell it for. If anyone has any idea on the value of this trumpet and what price to ask for it, please let me know. Thank You. :play:
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    Well, if you're selling it to me, then it should be for very little money in exchange for the following advice!

    You can find out the age by going to: Dating Your Benge

    You can find out more about Benge history in general than you might ever want to know by going to:
    Chicago Benge Resource Site

    Benge values have been a bit depressed on e-bay lately. 5x horns are well regarded all around players. Assming the condition is as you described it, and without seeing photos, I'd say it could bring anywhere between $500 and $750. Of course, actual value always depends upon what a willing seller and buyer can agree to. I'm just trying to give you a ballpark.

    The only advice I would give is that if you don't know what you're doing do not damage the horn by doing a quicky polish job (rubbing off the finish or smearing it with scratches is a sin!), or by trying to fix the stuck slide yourself (Which can cause REAL damage). These things will not matter to people who know these horns, and they'd probably rather take care of both things themselves. I know I would.

    Good luck!

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