How old?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Wlfgng, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. Wlfgng

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    Aug 15, 2008
    I know you are never to old to start laying the horn.

    But what age is to young to start playing the trumpet? 4? 5? 3? 6?
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  2. ChaseFan

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    Mar 25, 2008
    I hope you meant "playing" the horn :oops:
  3. Wlfgng

    Wlfgng Piano User

    Aug 15, 2008
    Sure did.
  4. ComeBackKid

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    May 11, 2009
    Yorba Linda, CA
    I guess that depends on what you mean by "playing". Obviously you can put a trumpet into the crib of a baby and it can start becoming familiar with the feel and look of the trumpet. Later, the baby can start blowing air through it (some will do that at 1 year old). I don't know what is the youngest age that someone can buzz and make an actual sound but I guess that would be the start of playing. I guess there is no lower age limit. Each person will either take to it or not, and progress at their own pace into making notes, reading music, and developing style. If that is the top priority in life, then every bit of exposure only helps. Tiger Woods started playing golf at 2 and look where he is. I am a pilot and my kids started "flying" as soon as they could hold onto the controls (and riding much earlier than that).

    So, I guess you can start them whenever you want. Just be careful they don't eat the mouthpiece.
  5. dhbailey

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    Jul 28, 2009
    New Hampshire
    My son was picking up my trumpet and making trumpet sounds on it when he was two and a half. He's now 20 and a trumpet major in college and still has one of the most perfect embouchures I've ever seen, and he can play all day and still play all night. I'm so jealous of him.

    And he did it mostly himself. I stayed out of the way as he kept on working at the instruments (he tried them all, since I teach all the woodwind and brass instruments in private lessons), stepping in and correcting him only when I saw him trying something which would potentially hurt him.

    When people call me about private lessons, they often ask the same question, and my response is "Does your child want to learn to play the instrument? How long have they expressed an interest in this instrument?" If it's only a week or two, if the youngster is 4 or younger, I suggest they wait a while longer and if the child is still asking to learn to play in another month or two, then by all means they should be allowed to start. I started a young lady on french horn when she was 4 because she'd been asking to play since she was two, and wanted to learn because her uncle played it. She's now a french horn major in college.

    So the answer to "how old" is "it depends." :-)
  6. HSOtrumpet1

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    Nov 28, 2008
    I don't know?... Good Q. Can a two year old even fit his fingers on a horn properly? When you can hold it comfortably or at least hold it would be my guess.
  7. lmf

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    May 16, 2007
    Indiana USA
    I was 13, but I started late in life.

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