How to motivate a young male trumpet student.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by paultandberg, Dec 13, 2012.

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    Money, pure and simple.
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    I know someone who studied in Japan. She said the students there are all extremely motivated and study non-stop. So I said to her, wow that's great, must be something about that vaunted Japanese culture and discipline. She said nope, the schools pay the kids cash prizes for good grades, tons of academic "contests", etc. Money, plain and simple.
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    That first vid, I thought she was on a B-flat till they went a different angle, it was a C. The second of course was an E-flat D horn. Any ideas as to which brand horns she uses? just for what it's worth.....:dontknow::oops:
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    Hahahaha.... wow.
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    Both horns Tine brought with her were Yamahas (Bach 1.5 C mouthpiece). She plays a C, predominantly.

    Tine said she still has her first horn, a Bb Yamaha that her folks gave her when she was 7. She still plays it. I got the very distinct impression that she wasn't a "gear head". She didn't affect any sort of "oh the horn doesn't matter" attitude, she just didn't seem very interested in talking about horns or brands of horn.

    Tine said she played her mother's trumpet when she was 7, and from that point on, she wanted to be a trumpet player. She said, "it's funny, but I can't remember ever wanting to do anything else". (her mother, who came along with her on this tour, plays trumpet in a Norwegian Polka band.) (Tine also plays piano)

    Tine is 25 and has been touring as a solo trumpet artist since she was 18. Her "big break" was advancing to the finals of Europe's version of the "American Idol" competition, except it is in Europe and features classically trained musicians rather than pop singers, where she placed second. She plays approximately 150 concerts a year, which means being on the road for close to 300 days a year. She said that while she loves traveling as a solo artist, it can get a little lonely (at this point, I had to grab Gus' arm, as he was about to ask her if she would ever consider marrying a ninth-grader from North Dakota, who was at least half Norwegian and also played trumpet) As a result, she has started playing with a couple small groups of fellow musicians, which she said she enjoys immensely and hopes to be able to do more of.

    She was fun, frank, friendly, funny, and simple delightful.
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