How to motivate high school trumpet players?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by CaptainAddy, Jun 2, 2011.

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    May 15, 2011
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    Get them to LISTEN!! The internet is full of resources such as you-tube to see and hear fabulous musicians doing amazing things on the trumpet. Listening, watching and seeing live performances and some of the free lessons that are out there might encourage your students and inspire them to want to play the trumpet as best as they can. Get them to see and here what is possible on the trumpet and music.
  2. trickg

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    Oct 26, 2003
    Listening was something I encouraged as well, although it wasn't nearly as easy when I was doing it over 10 years ago (97-98) as it is now. I brought in recordings of Maynard, Tower of Power - anything I could think of to hopefully inspire and spark an interest.

    I bought a chart and gave it to the school to - "The Brass Machine" by Mark Taylor (Not to be confused with his original version of the same chart written up a 4th or 5th called "The Scream Machine") because I always liked it, I thought it would be a challenge, and yet a lot of fun at the same time. I brought in a recording of The US Army Blues (with Dave Detwiler screaming the lead and solo) doing "The Scream Machine" so they had an idea of what the chart was supposed to sound like.
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    This is pretty much how my high school band director did it. The level of performance he got out of us was amazing (although I think he was also very careful in keeping his expectations reasonable). He expected excellence and was willing to make us work for it. He would just keep breaking things down until we got it and then put it all back together and keep working on it until it sounded good. We consistently got top marks at concert events and won major parades- with only 48 playing members! We beat bands over 3 times our size.

    I know now that I was almost completely ignorant about both music and trumpet playing, but man I played some decent stuff!
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    If you can get them out to see a professional trumpet player with chops ..someone inspiring ..that is huge. Even though I wouldn't call him the primo trumpet player of all time, when I was a kid Herb Alpert motivated me to practice .. as did Al hirt ... my parents always had big band music playing. Seeing a concert that has a meet and greet afterwards will go miles. Kids seem to find money for xboxes and all kinds of these things ... some kids love Drum and Bugle Corp competitions ..
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    How old are they?

    Youtube - female Norwegian trumpeters might be inspiring - and some closer to home as well.

    The tribute CD for Fred Mills - To Fred With Love shows how the music community revere a great trumpeter and a great educator.

    Canadian Brass "Seen and Heard" CD and DVD set has some great stuff on it too.

    Is there a local Military base with a band you might be able to visit during their practice sessions - and perhaps see if you can get a chance for your lot to sit in with local quality community band? Our band share with local school groups every year and encourage joint performances - we also do the "Intro to Your Instrument" gig at one of the local Primary Schools (yes, I know a bit late for that). Of course we are sowing the seed for future members but it also shows parents that a good instrument has a long life expectancy if the children choose to continue - even without being pro players.
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    Actually, we DO have a military base! In fact, that's perhaps the biggest thing in my county. Unfortunately, as far as I KNOW, there's no trumpet player- there's a saxophonist, which is about the extent of "band" instruments in the band. The rest are guitarists, singers, and a drummer.
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    this is a great idea -- better if you could get a good trumpet player or two to visit the school and have a private session with the trumpeteers expecially and maybe all the musicians.
    ingenuity!!!!!! --- there is a phrase that goes something like "6 points of contact" --- anyways -- we all are only about 6 phone calls away from knowing someone who knows someone, who is a great trumpetplayer and motivator --- in person is the best idea. I suspect Capt. that you are only a few calls away from getting a great trumpet player to help out for an afternoon. just my thought!! and hopefully that would inspire --- then along with trickg's ideas and a few others --- you end up with a highly motivated, enthusiastic trumpet section.
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    This is a topic I could never figure out, and that's one of the reasons I decided not be a teacher. It takes a particular talent to sense what will motivate a person, or a group of people, and I'm quite often not certain what motivates me.

    Good luck, and it's great that you're even trying.
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    Dec 22, 2008
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    "6 degrees of seperation" - nice idea, I know someone who knows someone who has met the Queen for example - generally we all have such links. I even have links to professional trumpet players, but not near you. :-)

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