How To Spend My 5 Hours Of Practice

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Passion, Jun 11, 2009.

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    When playing on Bb you'll have to raise everything a whole step if you want to play it to sound in the written key, you can play it as written as long as you only do so when playing by yourself.
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    May 8, 2009
    For what it's worth: My personal opinion is that your practice routine is far too heavy on technical stuff. Remember, what you really want to be: A Musician. If you practice those things five hours a day, I have no doubt you'll have great technique, but will you sound like a musician or a machine?

    I would decrease the technical stuff by about 40% and replace it with sight reading music, memorizing ballads and popular melodies, transposing songs, playing along with records, improvising, interpreting trumpet excerpts from symphonies and big bands.

    Ask yourself when you're being auditioned for a gig or job, are they going to care about how well you can finger herbert clark exercises and double tongue through etudes, or do they want someone who can make music with his horn?

    For what it's worth, your serious regimen of practice is exactly what I was doing in high school. When I got into college my reading was below average, I had trouble keeping time, and struggled to make music.

    You need to spend 60% of those 5 hours practicing music.
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    May 8, 2009
    Let me add on another comment about practicing music with the horn.

    When I was a serious student, practicing 4 hours a day... Sometimes my parents would ask me to play something for guests or relatives visiting our home. Often, I didn't know what to play. Should I dazzle them with Arban's technical exercises? Herbert Clark? Play some impressive high notes out of my Claude Gordon routine? I would usually end up playing bits and pieces of things I learned like Carnival of Venice, Brave Bulls, Czardas, etc, etc., but I could rarely just play from memory full songs!

    If I was teaching lessons today, I would have my students learn songs by memory. All types: Standards, classics, Pop... Memorize complete songs and have something to play when people want to hear you. Remember, the idea is to be a musician.
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    Jun 11, 2009
    This whole year I would listen to a song on the internet, remember the whole thing in 30 minutes and play it for kids at school. I think I know enough, lulz...I've been doing this since 6the grade. My skills are lacking though.

    I do not spend 5 hours on technical stuff. Only an hour.
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    May 8, 2009
    You can never know enough about music. Musicians never stop learning.
    Maynard never practiced anything but music his whole life. Do you think Maynard ever said, "I already know enough music?" You can develop technical skills AND musical skills, but you will end up sounding best on the things you practice most. I don't know many trumpet players making a living playing the Arbans book. do you?

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    Jun 11, 2009
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    Sight-reading is vital to your aspirations in music.

    But you can do it without the horn, while resting.
    First, clap the rhythm of the piece. Do this until you are comfortable with how you think it should go.
    Second, sing it. Don't worry if you don't sing well, do the best you can. Take things up or down an octave to get in your voice range.
    Third, finger it on your horn without playing.

    When you have done these things it you will find it much easier to play. I KNOW that only the first couple of times is actually sight-reading, and by the time you put your horn to your face you will already know the piece to some extent. Still, as you progress you will be able to drop some of the first 3 steps and actually do it on the horn to begin with. Whenever you encounter a part which poses you difficulty rhythmically or in finger techinque, you can go back to those off-the-lip exercises and they will be very helpful.

    Also, you said you learn a song easily by ear. Learn a new one every day.

    When you run out of challenges the fun is over.

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    Jan 17, 2009
    On a more serious note, follow rowuk's advice with the hymns. I followed a plan he outlined for me a while back, and it worked wonders. Five hours is a bit much, but keep music in there. As a freshman with a wandering mind I can't keep at technicality very long, songs will keep you more concentrated and willing to practice.
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    I think there is a lot of "air" in this thread. Passion can't possibly play 5 hours a day, she talks about passing out in a couple of minutes elsewhere.

    I know that internet forums are an easy place to paint a picture of how you think it could be. From what you have posted, I think a serious hour per day would improve you quite a bit. That means 60 minutes of hard practice on things that you CAN'T play. Judging from your other posts, there should be enough stuff there. The easy tunes in the Arban book advance most players much faster than the wish to play the Carnival of Venice. They represent more of what we have to play in band.

    The best time to start the carnival is when you have all of the tools to get through - getting light-headed is bad news - especially for the last movement.

    I am more impressed by a simple tune that makes me jump for joy or break down in tears than all of the technical masterworks butchered by the player not ready.

    Play hymns, it could change the rest of your life!
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    Psssst Robin, Passion is a girl. I know it's a shock but I already told her it doesn't matter on TM - just tought I'd give you a heads-up. :roll:

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