How We Precieve "Distances" Between Registers

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Markie, Oct 17, 2010.

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    The Kraken asks:
    Now for the fingerings above say high "C" ? I never played higher before and now that I am starting to play in that range and since I do not have alot of experiance playing high I have to think about it! I am assuming that the fingerings will come as I continue to progress with many repetitions, thats where I am now and it does get frustrating, for some reason my mind thinks they are different some how, I'm learning they are not.

    Any suggestions would be helpful !!

    Great question!
    For me, In order for me to play high, I first had to develop and understand the sound in my head and what it looked like when it was played. That meant hours and hours of nothing but MF, Chase, Doc and Sandoval. Luckily, that part of my matriculation into the stratosphere was easy since I really liked listening and (almost as important), watching "how" these guys played.
    a)How it should sound
    b)What it looks like when its done correctly
    really help if pinching off and stress was taking over.
    Why? I didn't have to reinvent the wheel, all I had to do was to pretend.
    Try this:
    The next time you play specifically in the stratosphere, do a comparison.
    1) Play in the stratosphere and go up the scale however you want and once you've gone about as far as you can go with a clean sound, go a couple more(into the pinched sound). Then, stop.
    2)Blow out the lips, take a drink of water and play basically the same thing but this time do your best to emulate MF(yes, that's right, pretend).
    That means you'll be doing behaviors before you play.
    Emulate how he prepared by cocking his horn before he put it to his lips, how he stood, the intense look of concentration, his stance, the whole nine yards. Do your best to emulate his physical behaviors "BEFORE" you go into the stratosphere.
    Now play basically the same thing as the first time and for the fingerings, use the same fingerings you would use from middle C. (ex:C,D,E,F,G)=(0,13,12,1,0)
    The partials are very close in the upper register so playing up there is kinda like walking a tightrope and just a little laps in concertration can cause things to pinch out. In fact the partials are so close, you can play all the ones I mentioned with just 0.
    So, needless to say, staying focused is the biggest thing with high notes and when things get pinched, its often a breakdown in concentration pending the person isn't eating their mouthpiece.
    All in all, high notes aren't hard if a person does a little prep "BEFORE" they go into the stratosphere and once they are there, not lose their concentration..
    Hope this helps
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    Thanks Markie I'll try that. :-)
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    thank you -- someone understands!!! -- I was NEVER able to play in the high range (high C to Double High C+) -- but on this comeback trip -- it is a reality. That still kind of messes with my mind --- though as I said before, it is the same fingerings as an octave below -- so it really shouldn't mess with my mind --- except all the other things up there -- breath, sound, relax, musicality, etc. ---But I will keep practicing, and practicing.
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    To be honest, it is perfectly natural for things to be bigger than life in the beginning. It is also pefectly natural for unnatural things like trumpet compatible breathing, tonguing, lip, tongue breathing coordination to vary in size due to how much has become habit.

    Swimming a mile is a BIG DEAL for most of us but peanuts to the qualified.

    Those not in the know think that just because they can visualize something better, that they will play better because of the improved technique. That simply isn't so. Staying with the range issue mentioned, it hakes HUNDREDS if not THOUSANDS of repetitions to synchronize our bodies, minds and soul to play those notes. If we tackle this like the big job that it is, the results are always good. If we deceive ourselves into believing that only better technique is necessary, we have lost most of the message.

    Words per minute on the keyboard come with REPETITIONS
    Accuracy in Tennis or Golf come with REPETITIONS
    Cooking meals for a big family starts working after whoever is cooking has EXPERIENCE.

    When we try and play higher notes with lip strength alone, the amount of strength required is very great. It takes time and repetitions to sync everything. The sooner that we get HABIT BUILDING into the equation, the faster we get results. There is no need to make any of these steps appear smaller than they really are.
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    thanks for your input

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