How you sound in different settings.

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by rdt1959, Mar 5, 2004.

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    Oct 31, 2003
    Just thought I would share this with the group. After six months, we have decided to resurrect our little church band, with or without the approval of the Music Minister. (long story for another thread, but basically the Head Pastor, who is also our tenor sax player, used the phrase “With or without himâ€).

    We were practicing in the sanctuary the other evening, and once again I was amazed at the difference that the setting can make in how you sound to yourself. I usually practice in a small bedroom in my home. Not the best acoustical setting, but it’s the best I can do for now. Of course, I can hear myself pretty well in there. But then I go and play in the sanctuary and I sound COMPLETELY different, at least to me. The clarinet player mentioned that one particular note I was playing was quite flat, and I had not even noticed that. (To be fair, I responded by mentioning a certain squeaking sound I had heard earlier, said mention a part where my double tonging was sub-par, I mentioned that his counting could be just a bit better. The sax player said “You two shutup and play!†But hey, I couldn’t take that from a CLARINET player!)

    Frankly, I wish I had a bigger room to practice in. Eventually I plan to build something on our acreage, but that will have to wait a few years (or until I hit the lottery!). One of the things I forget about by practicing in a small place all the time is projection. In my little practice room, I don’t have to project at all. But in the Sanctuary….geessshhh….at first some of the on-lookers in the back could not even hear me. It took me about 10 minutes of rehearse to get my mind focused on projecting my sound.

    Not sure what my point here is, except that I am always amazed by the difference the acoustics of the venue makes to the sound the audience (and the player) hears.
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    Oct 25, 2003
    Yee HAW!
    Yep, you're absolutely right, rdt. Our trumpet "choir" used to be able to rehearse in a church (one of our members was the pastor of that particular church). Sounded totally different (and better!) than when we practice in the h.s. band room which, in turn, is still better than practicing in someone's living room.

    Now, the question for those guys who KNOW what they're doing is this: is it better to practice in an accoustically "live" room (such as a church hall with good reverb?) or in a relatively "dead" room (living room, carpets, padded furniture), or in a large "empty" space such as a H.S. band room? I'd be looking for a practice space that presents a more realistic value of the sound that would be required during a performance situation.

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    Jan 23, 2004
    Gig Harbor Wa.
    Overtones...Cool subject

    Really fun stuff...

    I had the pleasure of attending a clinic about resultant over tones at a Monette Open house.....

    Charley Schlutter and a group of professionals...led by this amazing acoustical engineer and world-class horn player.....played a rendition of "The Theme for the Common Man" and when they got to a certain note...this group of professionals...stopped on this one note and played it long and at full fff....

    Trust this....Myself and the audience..was thrilled and or frightened when all of a sudden...the bank of florencent's metal straps and metal case, above these performers heads...STARTED TO RATTLE AND TAKE ON A SOUND OF THEIR OWN....YOU COULD SEE THE DUSK START TO FALL AND SEE THE LIGHTS THEMSELVES START TO DANCE AND FLICKER!!!!

    Thus proving..."THE WALLS OF JERHICO' WAS NO SILLY FABLE!!! :roll:

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    Jan 31, 2004
    Newburgh, Indiana
    I can't rattle the lights, but I have a fun story.

    I often buzz on my mouthpiece when I sit at my desk in front of the computer. I buzz all kinds of melodies. When I get to a certain pitch, the screen flickers very rapidly. I move on from that pitch, and it goes back to normal.

    Fun to do. Sometime I will get my tuner out and see what pitch it is (I guess that rules me out for perfect pitch). Probably Bb ... Bb seems to rule the world.


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    Jan 23, 2004
    Gig Harbor Wa.
    Dr. Jim's flickity-puter screen trama

    So that's what's wrong with my puter' screen :lol:

    After reading my above post...(folks!!! It was just the flor. tubes that was doing the flickering, resulting from the vibrating cheapo' metal shop lighting fixtures made of very lightweight metal...add in the mounting chains, the little loose fitting safety metal tabs that prevent the tubes from accidently falling...and all the metal and sanding dust from makin' all those purty-n-expensive Monette instruments...made quite a visual display as the dust floated down from the overhead fixtures...n'allthatjazz.

    Ask Charley...and Monette gang!!! All were astounded at the demo of resultant tones....

    (Hummmm? you don't suppose....just wondering????
    Could it have been all that left over 'karma that was going on a few minutes before in Dave's YOGA CLASS...OOOOOOooooooouuuummmmmmm? :twisted:

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