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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by eisprl, Feb 16, 2005.

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    Ha, can you'd never guess that I am having the most busy week of my life this week with all these posts.

    But here's another question for you all.

    I am trying to sell my horn (Bach Strad 180 Stirling Silver plus bell) to buy a xeno. I was thinking of trying to seel it on ebay. The only problem is that I have no idea how to do this. Can anyone help me out with putting something on ebay?

    FYI: The bach is in great shape and good working order (it's just not the sound I am looking for right now).

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    Eric, be very, VERY careful with EBAY. There have recently been tons of folks trying to sell horns (even within the dedicated "for sale" sections of different trumpet forums) and getting scam offers.

    These offers generally go like this "Hello, please consider your horn sold to me. I will send you a cashier's cheque in the amount of $3,000 (or $4,000 or $5,000....certainly more than what you are asking). PLease deduct what you want for the horn plus shipping and send the horn to me along with a refund for the balance".

    If you fall for it, you will receive a cheque. You deposit the cheque and send the horn to the requested address. If you are REALLY naive you will also send a cheque for the balance. Two weeks later your bank contacts you and says "Sorry, it was a bogus cheque.... you lose". (or words to that effect). You are out your horn, your "change" cheque, your shipping fees... the whole enchilada.

    Your best bet is to simply place the add within the "for sale" forums in the different trumpet sites and then check out whoever contacts you about it. Ask other members if the offer(s) looks genuine or not. EBAY feedback can be faked. Cheques can be faked. Insist on MONEY ORDER only! That can't be faked. Any cheque should be given lots of time to ensure that it has cleared. Escrow services may be helpful.

    If you don't get any nibbles after a week or four, only then consider EBAY. If you are selling to buy a new horn, ask the vendor if they'd consider a trade-in....it might be a heck of a lot safer to you in the long run (even though you'll get dinged for "depreciation" on a trader). A place like Dillon's in New Jersey is reputable, handles Yamaha, and you might find that with the present exchange rates is going to be much less expensive than your local "dealer" (I get kind of disappointed with many of our "domestic" instrument dealers... they seem to think they have an exclusive lock on the market and can charge whatever they can get away with).

    Your very best option might be to make a run down to Boston to one of their shops and "do the deal" in person. Make sure that you get a receipt that shows the NET amount paid after the trade-in so as to reduce the GST owing: trumpets are duty free into Canada under tarriff ruling #9209.90.10.10. (You need to confirm that number ... the CRA website seems to be down at the moment).

    Best luck.

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    I managed to sell my Bach off of ebay for $1000. Wasn't even that great of a player. The serial number was a particular number he wanted. It is possible to have a good ebay experience.


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