I can't get past high Eb and it is frustrating me

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Mamboman, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. St. Rugglin

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    This is not new advice by any stretch. What has works for me is playing low and soft. Work up chromatically to new notes. Never force it. I can hit lots of notes, sometimes up to double F but that's not really playing the notes, they need to ring. Go slow and I've found the less I think about it, the less I fixate on trying, the more successful I am. I'm currently working on producing a nice high A.
  2. tobylou8

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    Dec 22, 2008
    Long term, I would work on chromatic ascension and descension. This is a very tedious and boring thing to do and it is definitely not a glamorous exercise. Go as high as you can, even if it's a squeaker, it will eventually come out. Do the same thing going low. If Eb is phat, it's mental, so reeeelaaaaaax and enjoy playing the horn. :cool:
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    Dec 28, 2011
    I read an article by Herbert Clarke and he discussed how he practiced. I changed my practice to mirror what he did and it has helped my range and endurance. Basically you practice playing the upper register as quietly as you can. Once you can play it well quietly, you can begin to play it more loudly. It is all done in steps. One of the most important things that he stated was that for each minute that you practice, you need to have the same time for resting (before playing again). Try this, and I believe you'll see some great results!
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    This is a more specific question and a good one, rather than the more general one you posed before. Now that we know a bit more about you, perhaps the advice can be more tailored to you specifically. First, are you taking lessons? If not, why not? The best thing you could do would be to have someone watch you play. There are many variables involved in doing almost anything on the trumpet including body structures (lips, bite, etc) and equipment (horn, mpc), and personal habits (e.g., when did you last clean out your horn?). Hard to know where to go without all of this and a teacher would be a good first stop.
  5. jiarby

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    May 7, 2011
    Clarke is great... but so many people do it wrong! They slop through them thinking that the emphasis is on SPEED at the expense of perfection.
    HLC didn't think so, and commented in his biography that he had to slow down and go back and do them soft and slow until everything was even, centered and perfect. THEN increase the metronome a click. Looks at the videos online of guys doing #5 all proud because they finished it in one breath as Clarke insisted... but very sloppy and uneven in tempo.

    Try increasing the range on #1.... by a half step. It goes up to High C as written. When you get good at that go up another half step. Also do the #1 exercises 8va soft and slow.... up and down.
  6. kingtrumpet

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    time, rest, practice, and maybe some more time -- long soft tones in the staff -- octave slurs at PP ---you also want control, and flexibility when you can play the note --- so just HITTING the note is NOTHING --- but playing it is something. Nothing magical, it takes time, and practice, and NOT doing the Eb everyday -- don't go to the MAX everyday, as your embouchure needs time to recooperate and be built up.........................2ND best advice on this post -------------try NOT TO FRUSTRATE YOURSELF IN SEEKING ONE PARTICULAR HIGH NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! time and many, many repetitions will probably resolve this issue -----------maybe next week, maybe next month, maybe next year ----- it all depends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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