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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by erd402, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Oct 25, 2005
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    She's this

    NOT this


  2. RHSbigbluemarchingband

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    Jan 17, 2009
    Freshman year for me was iffy, I got braces and I felt like my playing was going completely down hill. I started working hard on my playing, doing range exercises, practicing hard, and perfecting drills. Yea I got the range, whoop die do. But I heard from others my tone was dying off. So I took a break from exercises, just played for pure FUN. No goals in my practice sessions, didn't even call them practice sessions, I just took out my trumpet and played my heart out, for enjoyment. If I liked a song, I would figure it out by ear, and I gathered a new skill from it, plus in the process, without the heavy load on my chops, my tone slowly gathered itself up again, and now MY tone is back. The tone I had for a little bit, was not me, you know stuffy, you could hear my mood in it, and it was saggy. With a new view in mind, and against what many may say A BREAK ( this summer I took a three week one, picked up my trumpet today, tone is sounding gorgeous), your playing might come back.

    Im a sophomore aswell, and other then a couple of jazz scales I need memorized, I don't practice anything fancy anymore, I do a quick warmup of a concert Bb and a couple other scales, and take a song I like on the radio and figure it out. Don't stress your chops and start getting in your head the idea your tone is bad. I did that, it didn't end up well, I overpracticed (there is a thread on here somewhere..............) and overstressed, killing my tone.

    I don't know if what I wrote makes sense, its summer my brain is on vacation, but thats all I got, good luck in fixing your tone.

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    In which city do you live? Maybe someone here knows someone or has an idea of how to get you in touch with a mentor or instructor that can work with you on a casual basis until you can afford regular lessons. There are many people who are eager to help young up-and-coming musicians. If you live in Southern California, I would be willing to help. My wife and my daughter both do that for young guitar students.

    Try ALL of the above suggestions. If you really plan to be a musician, you will find a way to absorb new ideas in many different ways.

    Good luck.
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    You've probably developed some bad habits, and the only way to find and correct them is to get a private teacher. No need to start all over ,just fix or tune-up what you already have , then go from there.
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    here's a thought. If you know a GOOD teacher, see if they will trade lessons for chores around the house. Like yard work, etc.

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