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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by manofjazz, Apr 30, 2006.

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    Mar 14, 2006
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    I have a friend, and this is not an attempt for me to speak in third person, I have an actual friend, who wants to become a strictly high-note player... He plays a lot of jazz and is wondering whether practicing on a shallower cup will effect him detrimentalli or not at all, and he won't advance his playing ability.

    That's his main problem or concern, that when he practices with that shallower cup, since it is easier to play higher notes with one, he thinks that that means he won't develop as fast as he was on the deeper cupped mp.

    I would like any feedback that purtains to your thoughts on whether or not there would still be any development or whether it would be the same or even detrimental to his playing ability.

    And also, I'd like to ask whether there would be a change in the practicing of fundamentals or the actual practice routine, making it longer... playing songs or long tones up an octave or even doing scales. Either or, in which case, there needs to be a change? or does he need to stick with the same routine he's always been doing?
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    When we talk about making advances we include a lot of stuff, like sound and articulation and intonation. I can get double c's out of my Curry mouthpieces, but that is not what I get paid to do; that is the fun stuff on the side. Almost to a person, great players will say that they were "cast" by some visionary type conductor, who said congratulations! you're our next first trumpet player. So, as to your friend, the mouthpiece shouldn't matter as much as his sound concept, and his work ethic.
  3. manofjazz

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    Mar 14, 2006
    Arlington, Texas
    Well, his real question is should anything change in his work ethic?

    the following is his and his concern: "i mean i work hard as it is, but should i just keep doing what i'm doing, or will that just make me lose over time with a shallow cup"
  4. djm6701

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    First of all, he should concentrate not on being a 'high note player' but learning how to be a lead player as someone who can play double C's all night long but can't put together a phrase and keep good time is not going to get gigs.

    Secondly, people who specialize only in lead playing and don't play the jazz chair seem to be dwindling. There are enough good players around that it is possible to hire a section in a commercial environment (big bands, pits, etc.) where all the players are capable of playing lead and the jazz chair, and it's just a matter of who the contractor wanted on first chair, or the book gets passed around.

    I think what your friend needs is a first-rate command of the instrument in all registers and then he can apply to whatever he wants. I think the mouthpiece is somewhat irrelevant at this point.

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