I have asthma should i still play the trumpet?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by longmvu, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    Dr. Mike, I didn't think you were addressing me directly either, but I hope my detailed expose helped augment your effort to prevent misinterpretation. More than just the aerobic benefits, I just don't think anyone can believe how much playing all these "brass beasts" helps "improve your > [my] quality of life".

    No, I havn't yet recovered the capability I had regained in my first comeback after 44+ years in 2006-2009, but it hasn't been due to the medical issues, but the dental that I just completed this past year, only a couple of months ago with present full upper denture and partial lower denture (I've only 4 lower natural teeth left). Yes, it's a task to rebuild a lip - embouchure, but I did it once and forsee no rationale why I can't do it again. Presently, at least I'm far ahead of 4 5th grade beginners I'm tutoring which is not to say the first book exercises I now demonstrate to them are not now also helping me.
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    I think just using in healer for asthma is not a solution or cure you need proper medication for this, even you can try some home remedies like eating ginger, garlic nicotine drinking coffee, I personally use veggie juices for this, it's very effective for me.
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    While alternative medicine is good, daily inhaled steroids is the most helpful medication you can use. No persistent asthmatic should be without this medication. By the way, 5 cups of coffee is equal to one theophylline dose.

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