i just did a big self cleaning job and all i can say is WOW

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    I highly recommend Hagerty Silversmiths' Polish. It contains R-22 Tarnish Preventative.

    You can get it in liquid form (somewhat messy) or spray-on. They also have polishing gloves which are exellent.

    Check out their website: www.hagertyusa.com
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    Here in Oz, Goddard's Silver Foam works really well on badly tarnished horns - you wet the sponge included in the little container, wipe that wetted sponge across the cleaning paste and then "agitate" the now 'contaminated' sponge over your trumpet. Gently agitating the sponge over the silverware will cause the 'solution' to foam up and will certainly clean your instrument beautifully - HOWEVER - I have it on good authority (a commercial silversmith/jeweler mate) that any such substance (polish/cleaner) WILL REMOVE SILVER as well as verdigris.

    I had a tuba mouthpiece silverplated some years ago and the plating service told me that silver cloths (the blue ones) are the best way to clean your silverplated horn without removing metal - all it does is to remove the contaminant. I have successfully used the salt water solution on an old tenor horn and it too creates no permanent damage to the instrument - but I now keep it clean with the blue cloth

    Your choice - I now only ever use a blue cloth because my trumpets aren't allowed to get grubby enough to need anything else.
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    Having a 'bad ' back I can appreciate the discomfort of that small bend...as well as the lack of ease in emptying a less than completely rigid tub.
    I also use the tub idea..stole the infant bathtub from my grand daughter when the baby outgrew it. My solution for emptying it was a short (2 1/2' ) length of near hose size clear flexible tubing I purchased from from Lowes,and filling it from the tap into the tub until its at least 2/3 filled, then, leaving the other end in the tub ... drop the filling end below tub level and into the sink. In short, it then self siphons until functionally empty.
    Hope this is understandably written as to be of use.
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