I meet a Real Trumpeter

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Alex_In_CA, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Aug 10, 2006
    Tonight, I met a Real Trumpeter!

    Um, I've looked the guy up and he's fairly well known, so I'm just going to call him RT, k?

    OK I was at downtown sunnyvale, really just for a cup of coffee, and it was the wednesday night market, band, whoop it up thing, so I went to Bean Scene and got one of their douple capps. As I went in, I heard the band.... has a horn! Whoohoo! So, I get it "to go" and thread through the crowd and up around behind the stage and watch the trumpeter. Pretty cool. The band had the crowd going pretty well and there was lots of that crazy Caucasian dancing you see on YouTube. I watched through a few songs then took refuge in the book store for a bit (it's LOUD with a band, large crowd, and all those cell fones with ppl yelling into 'em!) and then went back out, and the band said Goodbye for the night. So, I got back on over there, since I wanted to ask the guy what kind of trumpet it is, it looks different than mine. RT said it was ....... something with a long Polish name. Made by hand. Cool. So we talked about this'n'that, and I walked along with RT to his car...... um.... yeah.... his car....

    We looked and looked and looked all through the parking lot, for his car. "Well I'll be dipped in sh*t" said RT more than once. 2 thorough searches of that parking lot and RT started to believe me when I said there's *another* parking lot on the other side, which looks a lot like this one, especially to someone here the first time. So, we went over there. Searched the whole thing. The poor guy's tired, I bet really tired, after all that noise and blowing. There's muttering about What if someone just took it, anyway, in a Who gives a damn anyway sort of vein. Then RT mentions something about Macy's, and there's parking there too, in fact TWO parking lots..... we walk over that way and RT sees some landmarks like the perfect bowl-cut haircut place, and whew, the Mystery of the Car is solved! Whew!

    I went back to my car and got home and Did Stuff, and now I'm typing this waste of electrons here. I bet they had one heck of a laugh over the whole thing, I hope they did! And.... I got to meet a Real Trumpeter! Cooooooooool!

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