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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by roguemodel, May 12, 2012.

  1. roguemodel

    roguemodel New Friend

    Jun 6, 2011
    I am simply asking this question at this point. I do not want any inference that i am besmirching a mans integrity. I have a high value vintage trumpet at Green's buffing. I must ask if anyone here has encountered any issues in the last 6 months with Tom and the service. I am trying to ascertain if what i am experiencing is an anomaly or if it appears to be more than that. I appreciate any responses. I will divulge my ongoing experience only if it helps others to understand the issue. Thank you for your input.
  2. gbdeamer

    gbdeamer Forte User

    Oct 16, 2008
    I think there is a general consensus that Tom does fantastic work, but has challenges with communication from time to time.

    The jobs I sent Tom were smaller and I always had another horn available to play, so turnaround time wasn't a big factor for me.

    I will say that the results were fantastic.

    I hope things work out for you.
  3. krmanning

    krmanning Pianissimo User

    Apr 18, 2009
    Fayetteville, NC
    The trumpet that Tom refinished for me last year was finished in approximately the time frame we discussed before I sent my horn in. The workmanship is truly first rate. I would not hesitate at all to send another horn to Tom for work.

    Communication-wise, I found Tom to be no better and no worse that other, also highly recommended, shops that I have sent horns to.

    Doctor by day...trumpet player by night (and weekends, wife permitting)
  4. roguemodel

    roguemodel New Friend

    Jun 6, 2011
    I understand that he has an fantastic reputation for refinishing horns. That is why I sent the horn to him. I am hoping that my case is an isolated one. My time frame has disintegrated. Communication has been close to zero. In February I received an email that the horn was almost done....so I completed full payment for the work. I am just trying to see if I am truly an isolated case and if I am at least I will feel better. I can tell you....my last conversation with him by email was this on April 7th..... going on 6 weeks ago. The horn has been with him since September 2011. The horn is a 1953 Martin Committee Deluxe, a prized family possession since the 1950s. He explained that he had issues in the fall....but, on April 7 I received this:

    .........The initial lacquer job didn't go too well on your trumpet"........"I am terrible at delivering bad news, so that's why you haven't heard from me in awhile. Nevertheless, I have your trumpet stripped and am nearly ready to shoot it again. Fingers crossed, it will go better this time around and I can finally get this thing back to you. I see that you have filed a claim with Paypal, and that's understandable. I want to get you your trumpet just as quickly as possible, so we can resolve that claim too. I'll be in touch in the very near future. Have a nice Easter!"

    Once again, this was six weeks ago. I think 9 months is more than enough patience. Oh, and I dismissed the Paypal claim.
  5. turtlejimmy

    turtlejimmy Utimate User

    Jun 6, 2010
    Hi Roguemodel,

    I'll try to give you a response, but bear in mind that I've only dealt with Tom through a few friendly emails where he gave me a very nice quote to redo the valves on my Conn 8b Artist (which I'm stalling on, only because I don't have the $ yet).

    Tom's reputation for great work is solid .... He's a perfectionist. Sounds like, from the correspondence, that your horn is not being easy for him to get perfect (for whatever reason, he's the expert). If you can wait a little longer, you should have a magnificent job from him, becuase that's what he always does, according to his reputation.

    As for correspondence ...... Ask Gmonady to help you. I think he has a special "green phone" in a sort of direct line, like they used to have between the U.S. and Russia (remember? it was a red phone, wasn't it?:lol:). Sorry for the agravation, but your prized horn is (still :roll:) in good hands.

  6. A.N.A. Mendez

    A.N.A. Mendez Utimate User

    Oct 25, 2005
    Sunny Ca.
    So, you got an answer 6 weeks ago? What method did you use? I'm still waiting since January......[​IMG]
    Just to be clear, I'm not concerned, I know he is not the best communicator...... Pretty soon he will have had my two trombones longer than me...:-)
  7. Dave Mickley

    Dave Mickley Forte User

    Nov 11, 2005
    I have had several horns done by Tom over the years. in the beginning his communication was fantastic but as he has gotten busier the communicationhas really dropped off. His work is always superb and I think he is his own worse critc. I also had to wait an extra length of time on a horn be cause he wasn't satisfied with the re-laquer job. the new laquer he uses is very tough and durable so it is an effort on removing it with out damage to the horn by over buffing. The horn couldn't have looked better when I recieved it so the wait was worth it. I would much rather have him working on my horn instead of answering the emails or talking on the phone. I know that when waiting for your special horn to get back to you you would like an update every day [ I understand that completely] but when I look at the horns he and Charlie have done for me the wait is well worth it. Be patient, I know it is hard but you will be so pleased when your horn gets back you will know the wait was worth it.
  8. patkins

    patkins Forte User

    Nov 22, 2010
    Tuscaloosa, AL.
    "If you need someone to hire for a job, then find someone who is busy, because the others have too much time on their hands!"
  9. harleyt26

    harleyt26 Mezzo Forte User

    Dec 9, 2009
    He has had my 1921 Conn Victor for 15 months. But it is an extensive job. I am certain it will be fantastic when it is done. My 1966 28A is great! Tom did it about six years ago.
    It would be very nice to get an occassional progress report, but the last time I heard from him was last fall when he said it would be about three more weeks. But I have talked with many of his previous customers who assure me this is not far from normal. And as I said my Victor does require extensive repairs and multiple platings.

    Try to be patient,It is difficult but it will be worth the wait in the end.... I hope
  10. patkins

    patkins Forte User

    Nov 22, 2010
    Tuscaloosa, AL.
    Tom is by all regards a man of his words. The pros use him. He needs to be cloned. At least he is honest. As far a Vintage Martin goes, there truly is none better. I started to send him mine, but because of failed communications on his part, I decided against it. It still had 90% finish and only one dent. My local tech did it for $80.00. It plays fabulously. It is worth more as it is. I don't have to have it look perfect, whe it plays superbly.
    Sorry for your misfortune. He'll make it right. He is a perfectionist. Just trust. I woulnt have filed a PayPal claim. Just my opinion, for what it is worth.

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