I must ask this difficult question of the members

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by roguemodel, May 12, 2012.

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    Well said for a man with 50+ horns- and most of them stellar beauties, no?...........:D That's why you can say what you say, some of us would be stuck using our Sears Catalog horn while waiting till the cows come home, and having milked themselves too, which might be a long wait. Not talking about anyone in particular, mind you. Just kidding Peter, I agree with everything there.........good points actually. Cheers, mate!!:lol:
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    As a software developer with 17 years experience including setting up and customizing project management and process software, and as a comeback player (who recently purchased a 1931 buescher so I'll probably need his help someday!) I'd be happy to donate some time and work to help someone who's obviously a great resource who may be getting in over his head. If anyone ever gets in touch with him again let him know he's been offered some free help. He could reach me on here. cheers.
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