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Discussion in 'Trumpet Repair and Modification' started by Midomott, Dec 18, 2008.

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    In addition to all of the above, having some 'tech' do a valve rebuild strictly because his price is lower than that of Andersons is very foolish. I did this, to my great regret. I shipped my fathers gorgeous York Master Model trumpet from Grand Rapids, Mi. to Tallahassee, Fl., where the self proclaimed 'expert' offered a 2 week turn arround time for a complete valve rebuild. More than 2 MONTHS later and after several telephone calls to get information about the delays,all answered with very fanciful stories about the why of my trumpet not yet having been shipped,and a sound verbal harangue from his wife about "crowding him', my trumpet finally arrived. At first, I was thrilled. In about two weeks of regular practice on this horn, cleaning the valve pistons and casings daily with surgical gauze and relubing with Hetmans #1 valve oil I detected a pronounced amount of scraping when the valves were actuated. Upon close scrutiny I discovered that the pistons were starting to show the copper underplate and that the nickel silver plating on the pistons could be scraped off with a very light fingernail scrape.

    Now, what to do? I know better than to send it back to Tallahassee, Fl. for a redo. Sending it to Andersons, Kanstul, of Osmuns will cost over $300.00. The horn now sits in its case in my storage room, probably never to be put into active use again.

    The moral of my unhappy story; use only established technicians of extremely high repute. Don't just get cheap with your spending on one of your most prized possessions, like I did.

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    I second Dr. Valve if you want the very best job available. It is true that Anderson does his plating, but he does all the prep and fitting which involves skilled used of the same kind of Sunnen pricision honing machine that Schilke uses to fit new valves.

    Anderson doesn't do the extras, like shielding the ports to avoid plating the bore (reducing the bore size) through the valves.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    The original post was about getting the Conn fixed up or not. I still vote for a decent local tech. I understand why someone would send a horn to Andersons. My take is still working with the decent local guy and building a relationship above and beyond the task at hand. I am sure that there is usually more to do than replate the valves.
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    there is more to rebuilding valves than just replating them. the valve casings have to be rehoned and the rebuilt valve lapped to fit the casings. yes Anderson does all the plating for the industry but I would never let them do the prep work or refitting the valves. I sent them a mpc to replate one time and they buffed the rim so that it was unplayable. Completely changed the shape of the rim. send to a reputable pro shop for valve rebuilds. find a good local shop for all the rest. you'll be glad you did. remember this is a musical instrument not just a piece of machinery. let a music tech handle this for you.
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    I just had Steve Winans who IS Dr. Valve work on three of my most prized horns: my NYTC Stage 1 California Light Bb, My Stage 1 GS Cornet and my Chicago Brassworks (SN 4!!!!) model GSC. In EACH case, I swear these horns are at LEAST as good as new if not better! Steve is no middleman! He is an EXPERT on working on trumpets - one of the best. He also PLAYS (he's quite good) so when he tests things out, he really TESTS them!

    I can't recommend Dr. Valve for horn work - ANY horn work - highly enough.

    FWIIW worth coming from me!



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