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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trumpet blower88, Feb 19, 2007.

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    It will be. You just have to find your rhythm. And college is college. No one said it was easy. When you are commited to studies and practice, it can be pretty hectic most of the time. You'll pull through.
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    I don't post too often on this site. I'm an avid reader though and I've found the folks on this site to be smart and caring....definitely a rare breed. They look out for each other and share in the ups and down. The folks on this site have forgotten more about life as it relates to the trumpet than I'll ever know, so I generally leave the posting to them.

    Your posting really caught my attention and has stuck with me throughout the day. Namely becuase I'm a dad with a daughter who will be college bound soon. And, although the 16 years or so since college graduation have come and gone quickly, I still recall the challenges of being away and feeling alone at college. It's not easy and often not fun.

    That being said, you've gotten some great advice here. I would start with talking to your trumpet teacher, as recommended. But I'd also caution you to take a giant step back and look at the totality of what's going on in your life. College can be stressful, that's for sure; however, uncontrollable crying, inability to sleep, feelings of social isolation, etc. can be part of a bigger issue. For what it's worth, you should check out the following site and see if any of this relates to you. If so, talk not only to your teacher, but also to your folks and to your physician. Better safe than sorry, and we at TM look out for each other:

    NIMH: What do These Students Have in Common?

    Just as we've seen posts indicating that it's impossible to give mouthpiece advice without knowing the particulars of one's playing style, so too is it difficult to give advice on questions regarding help when we don't know the full extent of help needed.

    I wish you the best of luck and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I'm sure that things will be fine for you soon.

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    Thanks for your help everyone.

    I've talked to my professor and he understands, we decided to take it a litle bit easier this semester so I can focus on finishing the other things that I've already started (the other 11 classes, drum corps, sleeping, and eating). Practicing is going better, I took your advice to practice on covering alot of things all at once rather than focusing on each individual thing, taking up all kinds of time.

    I also taked to my old highschool band director. The first thing he said when he saw me is, "You look stressed, how many credits are you taking up there?" He made me realize that 19 credits, especialy as a music major, is a huge mistake. I won't be doing that again next semester.

    But thank you everyone, you've helped alot
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    What Major are you and why do drum corps?
    Hit the practice room instead.
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    Jun 18, 2006
    I have never met a teacher who couldn't tell the difference between "didn't practice anything useful for a whole week" and "tried hard but didn't finish in the time alloted". If you practiced hard the whole week, your playing will show it (even if you don't think so).

    If you are giving your best (and your teacher has the right to expect no less) you have nothing to worry about! Sometimes the workload (not just in college) is more than we can reasonably accomplish.

    This does not necessarily mean that you need to review your life, playing habits or if your bed is pointed north/south. If this was a consistent situation - THEN we would have something to worry about
  7. trumpet blower88

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    Jun 15, 2005
    Flagstaff, AZ
    I'm a music ed major. And I do drum corps for many reasons.

    1) If I can march drum corps, I can do anything.

    2) It's a passion.

    3) The drum corps activity is differant than anything else. Take the public shools for example. There is one flaw, the less you give, the less you put into the system, the more you recieve out of it. If I don't do homework and fail a class, there is afterschool help, if I still fail, there is summer school, if I still fail, there is dual enrolment, if I still fail, there are other schools I can go to that will help more, ect, ect, ect... The more you give in public schools won't affect what you'll get out of it, other than joining the Honor Society there is nothing else to move onto. However, in drum corps, the more you give, the more you get. You go to the auditions, work hard, make the corp. Continue to work hard and move up in the section. Continue to work hard and they want you as section leader, then drum major, then they want you on the staff. This is how things work in the real world, not public school.
    (Don't get me wrong, I love public schools, except for that litle thing...)

    4) It teaches you that you have to work together as a unit. Once again, public school dosn't. If you get a 94% on a math test, and Jerry next to you gets a 38%, his score lowers the class average making your score worth even more and looking better. That dosn't happen in drum corps. If you give 100% and march the perfect show, but Jerry only gives 80%, he gets out of step a few times, misses a few notes, drops a flag, whatever. You no longer have a 100%, you have a 90% at best overall... that would put you in about 9th place on an average year. Everyone affects everyone, where else do they teach that?

    5) It's fun. That feeling you get when you step out on the field infront of 60,000 fans in the world championships... You can't get that feeling anywhere else. You step out there with 134 of your closest friends, and you're bulletproof, nothing can get you down. All the time you spent over the summer is worth it, right now... It's amazing.

    Thats why I march drum corps.
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    Ditto the other posts. Hang in there...and yes, you took on too much, too soon. I agree with the notion to just make your "practice" sessions all about beauty and fun... nothing hard core right now.. and speaking of core..or corp!...

    I'd like to flip what you say in some of the things below to mean what would happen if you "failed" in relation to drum corp (for a point)....

    I just think you are a bit overwhelmed with this whole situation. Drum corp offers you a welcomed escape from that. Just don't discount the benefits of all this schooling you are getting the opportunity to do. Drum corps is terrific...but is only for a while. While that experience will also help you later in life, your education can be worth more in the long run...depending upon how much "effort" you put into it.

    Everything you are going thru is for the best... you will come out stronger. Best of success to you....
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