I need stronger chops!!

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    Yeah, if you can't do it right now, I wouldn't expect for you to have perfect in a month. If you can't do it, I say just tell your band director that and he should understand. Try to get someone to cover for you. Just focus on your solo and let someone else do the high E. If you really need to, take it down an octave. It might lose some of its effect, but you have to do what you have to do. I personally do not play anything in public unless I'm 100% sure I will get it done correctly. How I see it, I'd rather go out and play "Mary Had A Little Lamb" which I'm pretty sure I can handle than go out and play something beyond my reach and screw it up. Most of the time when I see people put under pressure to learn something that they just can't do, they try to learn it to quickly and it just completely screws them over. Something similar happened to me once. I needed to have a solo ready in band in a few weeks that was to far beyond my reach, but I tried to go for it anyway. I tried taking a shortcut around it and it ended up hurting my range instead improving it. Shortcuts never work. You said your in a hole. If you try short cuts it might help momentarily, but your just going to dig yourself into a bigger hole in the future. The only way you are going to work it out is like oldlou said. You have to properly use your chops and work on fixing the problem patiently. Trying to rush it will just make it worse. Theres no guarantee you can have the problem worked out by the time band camp starts though.

    I have five more days until school is out and I'm in ninth grade right now, soon to be tenth. So are you in ninth grade right now also, or is school already out for you and your just going into ninth grade year.
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