I need the biggest, fattest sounding Lead Trumpet player in Europe

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Antimaps, Jun 20, 2012.

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    As I read the OP's original question and the rest of the thread, I was thinking about how much easier it might be to simply find the fattest lead trumpet player in Europe!:lol:
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    The bottom line for the top players is top dollar - or really interesting work. My experience is that borders and location are NOT issues with that bottom line. Great players are everywhere in the world within "hours".

    Lack of travel time only factors in as more easily finding space for studio work with click tracks.

    I have my doubts with this thread............ Generally people that hire top players know that market and if the first cut is not available, THOSE players recommend an adequate sub.
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    Mr Antimaps,
    If you are recording albums, I am curious which ones you have already published. Do you have a website, or can you point me to some examples on CD-selling websites? Thanks,

  4. Antimaps

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    Nov 11, 2010
    I'm sorry you have doubts but, I assure you, my inquiry is genuine. The non-disclosure agreement with my employers prevents me from publishing details of the project on a public forum. Once we have sourced suitable musicians for the job, we contact them directly, give them the full brief and discuss schedule and fees.

    The recordings we make are outside of the normal bread-and-butter work of session musicians. They are mentally and physically demanding for the musicians who invariably leave the sessions exhausted. Many have said that it's the hardest work they've ever had to do, but they always come back for more the next time we need them.

    It has been our privilege to record several world-renowned musicians over the last 20 years, some of whom have the same international status as Sandoval. On a couple of occasions, we've travelled half way around the world, booked a week in a major studio and hired "The World's Greatest" xxx player only to find that it just isn't working for one reason or another. We've blown the recording budget and got nothing for it. For that reason, we try to find as many "local" candidates as possible in order to give us a safety net.

    We hire professional musicians on a regular basis and, though we don't have the budget of a major record label or film studio, we have enough to pay full scale (more if warranted), accommodation and expenses to musicians located within the same continent as the recording venue. It is convenient for us to record in Germany because we have a studio that is perfectly equipped and staffed for the specialised recordings that we make. However, when need arises or budget dictates, we send a team of engineers and equipment to the location of the musicians. This year, along with the normal recording in Germany, we have recorded in Sao Paulo, Mumbai, Chennai, Tokyo, Seattle, London and Madrid.

    We have a list of musicians that we use regularly and of course we have asked them for recommendations. I decided to post in this forum in the hope that we could expand our list beyond the colleagues of our regulars. As it turns out, we've found a superb player that came recommended from one of our regulars, but it doesn't hurt to have the options that you have kindly provided.

    Thank you all for your time and help.

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    Please, call me Paul ;-)

    We are not recording albums and we have many web sites. But, if I give you an address, you'll know immediately what we're doing and I'll be in breach of my NDA. Sorry.

    I wish I could tell you because I'm very proud of the work we do. I could say with utmost confidence that nearly all of you have heard or bought something we make.
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    Oh no. Milli Vanilli Reunion Band!!!
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