I over practiced yeaterday and now my chops are raw

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by coolerdave, Mar 29, 2011.

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    Don't ignore the lip balms. They can help recovery and to my own experience those that contain aloe vera do the best job. Aloe vera is known for having self-recovery properties and both ChopSaver and Aloe Lips with Jojba from Forever Living Inc. seem to do the best job on tired lips (at least on mine). Being a Forever Living Consultant I am tempted to advice you to get the Aloe Vera Lips but both will do, just have a look what is available to you. If both...buy both and decide for yourself, none of both will hurt you. And as said above, be nicer to your lips from now on. However, lip balms are not a good excuse for beating up yourself.
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    Thats the exact same thing my teacher did now I'm up to a total of 4 hours a day in 3 sessions. It seems to have worked, because endurance has never been an issue for me even playing lead in jazz band (although, I am still just in just high school, so could just be that my music isn't hard enough to challenge my endurance).
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    Things were going great.. I was resting alot.. not over exherting for about 5 weeks.. then the other day I actually had a little bit of chops so I thought I could push it to get more tme in on my limited schedule .... (buzzer sounds),, "I'm sorry but that answer is incorrect"
    back to resting as much as I play ... Lip Balm..great idea
    .. perhaps every other day an intelectual challenge..
    thanks for the tips ands words of encouragment..
    what a great instruement!!

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