I seem to be back sliding...help! and 16c4-gp

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by bfpri, Mar 6, 2007.

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    Jun 1, 2006
    Hahaha, you're right, you do ask to many questions... ;)

    It definitely sounds like you are WAY over thinking things. But that's normal so don't worry... Keep it simple. It doesn't matter what kind of pen as long as it can roll... so yea, I'd say take the cap off...

    Just put it on the table in front of you like where you would put your dinner plate. Just sit there and blow. See if you can just sit there like you are sitting at the dinner table (I guess that's an easy way to visualize it) and breathe and blow like I mentioned before. You should be able to get it to roll. Aim for it with your air not with your head or body movement. Don't over think it, it's a very simple drill, just do it... :)

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    Jun 18, 2006
    VB is right. I am talking about inhaling, relaxed and full.
    Breathing should be a very natural act for us. Many players have turned it into an intellectual exercize that actually does more harm than good.
    If you breath deeply in a relaxed way, your body tells you if everything is OK or not. If you use force to breath, you mask those clues.
    Some people notice a "resistance" when only half full. That needs to be solved by checking posture and body use. It is not possible to diagnose you over the internet and this is really stuff for a very good teacher.
    I should have made it clear though that exhaling should not be done with a wide open mouth or embouchure set. Just lightly blow the lips apart (face relaxed!!!!). 10-20 second inhale through the nose, 10-20 exhale through the mouth. More important than those motions is the transition from inhale to exhale. This has to be VERY smooth with no trace of the glottis closing or the breathing apparatus "holding" the air in! You do not get dizzy if you do not use FORCE to inhale/exhale. That comes from hyperventilation which is a forceful act.
    Train that inhale/exhale. It is the cheapest and best tip that I can offer! If you are having problems - get back to the reliable basics. Forget about tonguing until your air is straightened out. For many playing problems, the tongue actually causes the grief. That is why I recommend a checkup starting with air only - the most common problem and usually the best cure!. Once you have a secure airflow, sound and range without using an attack, you can apply the tonguing MUCH more lightly and you become aware how much heavy "tonguing" can hurt your playing!
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    Ah, ok Thanks for the advice. One more question. When you play high notes, do u curve ur lower lip over your bottom teeth?

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