I visit a trumpet factory in Apr, and post my opinion here

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by gilliantian, May 8, 2007.

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    May 8, 2007
    The early April in China means comfortable and it really a nice weather to get a travel. So we decided to visit some musical instruments factory in the country.

    I don’t know exactly what the country like in Europe or USA, but it will not be a sensible idea to enjoy the beautiful sight and relax yourself here, the country in HeBei, China, seems stagnant and a little unenlightened. You will see the tractor, small dirty restaurant everywhere. But I like the pied magpie and enjoyed their appearance, they seems just escape from the Chinese painting.

    After about 4 hours driving, we arrived in a trumpet factory. Welcomed by their leaders, I noticed that it was divided into three areas, the factory, the restroom (also the bedroom for the guards, unbelievable) and the warehouse. I took some photos in this factory. Tell What do you think about when you look at these photos?






    This is Tommy~~:cool:


    The craftmen were employed from the same village, 18 yeas old? Or maybe a little elder. These lovely brethren all have a well-liking face, simple and puerility. I didn’t know whether they choose manufactory trumpet after they just graduated from senior high school. Maybe I won’t know it forever.

    But it make me excited when I see the done Phosphor Copper trumpet, lied flat on the show sheet, quiet, shining a mysterious light, I thought I was been potty about them. Time seems freezing at this everlasting moment.

    However, there also be some problem on quality, some is deadly. For example, I try to get three trumpet and then put them on the table, immediately I found that each one have a different bell shape. And also the length of valve, some one have the uncomfortable thumb rest. At the end, Tommy pointed out these problem and gave them many useful suggestions. In one word, I think this factory still have a long way to go in the future.

    As a matter of fact, some factory in China are all built up by these farmers who nearly have no-technic, what they think about musical instruments is to shape a brass sheet and then assembling some parts for a done one. What a terrible thought! I always been complained by some importers after they buy musical instruments from some little company unknow. They complained about the quality and the service, who knows? Maybe the musical instruments you used are just from these country-factory, it is just a dream if you want to buy some high-grade one and just want to paid only a penny. But, please pay attention, there still some professional factory in China. In this visit we got to the clarinet factory, case factory and also the flute factory. I must say some already conquested me. I will write them down in the next page if this style article are welcomed here. And thanksfor your reading. Leave some words for me if you like. Good night!
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    Jun 18, 2006
    thank you for the report and welcome to TM.
    Great instruments are a combination of the craftsman and their connections to fine players around the world. People that play for a living can tell them what to improve.
    I do not even think it is possible to "copy" instruments without having the master craftsman and professional musicians to tell you if you have been successful.
    Quality instruments need much individual attention and that will keep them expensive - even in China.
    Keep writing, we would love to know more about China!
    I had a concert tour there 3 years ago to Beijing, Xi'an, Hang Zhou, Shang Hai and several smaller towns. I was amazed at the audience and the acceptance of european classical music. It was a very special time!

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