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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Rezamozaffarinia, Jul 14, 2008.

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    Jan 14, 2008
    Sorry Rezamozaffarinia! I quickly scanned through your message and misinterpreted it! I realise now how limited your tuition time has been. Ignore my previous advice, because it is directed towards someone with more experience!
    Firstly it is difficult to gage your level without hearing you. Secondly, i wouldn't go out and start buying trumpet literature until you have solved your teacher dilemma. I think your first port of call is doing what Vulgano said. Work hard for your next group of lessons and see if you can inspire your teacher to work harder within lessons. Failing that online lessons is an option. BUT you MUST have an excellent internet connection with a reasonable camera so you can get the most out of the lessons. Different teachers have different ideas upon technique and trumpet technique books. Some of them can be expensive, and a little bit uninspiring/musically deficient for a beginner.

    But if you are a beginner with only a few notes under your belt i recommend getting hold of a "Play along" book for some home study (e.g. Boosey Trumpet Method 1). These books are fun and come with a CD containing recordings of professionals playing the music. They also teach you how to play music and systematically build technique, and very importantly you can progress at your own rate. As for the Arban and the like, i don't recommend buying these until your teacher tells you. In my opinion these methods require guidance and careful censoring from a teacher.

    Once again my humble apologies for my initial outburst.


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    Jun 18, 2006
    no need for an inferiority complex! Some of us do have a pretty good idea of how well you really play...........

    No claims to perfection from my side, just 30 years of trumpet performance and teaching to draw on.
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    Jun 21, 2008
    Thank you very much everyone for putting the time to reply, i really appreciate it,

    Mj. thanks, i alredy solved(i hope i did) my tounging problem by asking folks here & i sure will ask more in the future...:-)

    Rowuk, thanks for your reply, i think like you mentioned my teacher may not be motivated enough, he is a strong believer of starting early on and not a big fan of jazz either, i am an adult beginner and i do like Jazz (& classical music), and he is well aware of both these factors and has mentioned it before in many ways.

    my biggest fear is that i dont master the correct basic technique and build up on a wrong foundation, after i read your post this morning i went to the conservatory library and found both the Arban's & Clarke's books, unfortunately i cannot buy these books here, but i can sit there & copy them in my notebook (which i will do) , should i start right away?

    Stchasking, thanks very much for the reply, unfortunately i couldnt find the book you mentioned here, in the library or in shops, and yes as you guessed , i cannot order anything online from Iran, it would be great if i could arrange the payment with someone who can order it.

    Huggy Brear,
    thanks for your reply, unfortunately i cannot buy the book you mentioned unless i arrange the payment with someone who can order it online or buy it from music shops,,, the situation regarding availability of music books and equimpent here is beyond what one can imagine....:thumbdown:

    Vulgano Brother, thanx alot for the reply, Yes i do my homework, but i usually don't get a chance to show it, here is how my last class went: (scheduled for 3:00-3:30)

    (3:15) Teacher: is this the room for our class, ok, go find a music stand, while i fix these papers, what was your name?

    (3:20) Reza, stands there with trumpet in hand, still waiting....

    (3:25) the class finaly starts,

    Teacher : oh, its 3:25...play the 3rd etude....
    Reza plays, C....B....A....G....F....E....D....C....
    Teacher : ok,good tone but why are you breathing from the corners of you mouth, this is what you should have learned in your 1st class,,,and btw those 2 sessions ,,i'm gonna put down absent for you...
    Reza: but sir i was here.....
    Teacher: you should have asked, we changed it to monday.
    Reza: but sir i have classes on monday
    Teacher: pack your stuff. & try to lift your lower lip from the mouthpiece for breathing,,,
    Reza: how about the stacatto scale practice? what should i do with breathing? and should i try for higher than G? any assignments?
    Teacher: its 3:30, i have another student , next week...

    anyway, this is how its been going so far,,, but there is also something , i am a little shy/too polite, and i'm gonna try and change that for the next time,,,after all i am paying for these classes.

    Schwab, thank you for your replies, but apart from the online payment limitations , the internet service is also very limited and slow here , so unfortunately online lessons is not an option for me.

    Blooming Untidy Musician
    thank you very much for your reply,it would be great if i could buy the book you mentioned, but first i have to arrange online shopping/ordering with someone who can do it,

    once again thanx everyone for putting the time and energy to reply to my somewhat desperate request. i hope to be able to look back at this one day as a better musician , and say i did get better although i had many obstacles.

    All the best.
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    Mar 23, 2006
    Parts Unknown
    OK. Dump him! Now.

    It is ok to breath out of the corners, by the way.

    Good luck in finding a new teacher!
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    Aug 14, 2005
    So, I have a couple of questions for you:

    -you say 'trumpet class' -- do you literally mean multiple trumpet students and a single teacher? Or did you mean the typical one on one trumpet lesson (I assume you mean a one on one lesson)?

    -what are your goals as a trumpet player? Do you want to be a classical player in a symphony, play shows, play jazz???? It sounds as though your teacher has a real 'conservatory' attitude and therefore may be giving you sort shrift and assuming you'll give up and go away. If you don't intend to be a symphony player (and to some extent, even if you do) I'd say that you'd be better off teaching yourself with books and help from friends around the world, then sticking with somebody who seems to have a problem with you and isn't really motivated to teach you.

    -if you have access to the Arban's book at the library, do the following:

    if you look through the book, you'll see that some sections of the book contains pages that are basically the same exercise in all 12 keys. Some pages (especially the beginning exercises toward the front of the book) are not like this. I would suggest copying a few selected exercises or pages into your notebook. If the page is just the same exercise repeated in all 12 keys, then copy it in a single key and PRACTICE it in all twelve keys. This will be even better for your musical development than reading them in all twelve keys.

    Spend some time listening to records or the radio or tv and teach yourself how to play things you hear by ear.

    Learn all of your major and minor scales (they're in the books) for two octaves (start with one and expand as your chops increase) with various articulations (tongued, slurred, staccato, legato, etc.)

    Find some people to play music with...if you like rock and funk and you know some people with a band, then try to play with them, a jazz group, a marching band, whatever (I'm being flippant here....I'm sure Iran is a very different place culturally and socially than the US, but I have no personal experience with exactly what those differences are, so I'm speaking in generalities. Please just try to translate these suggestions into what might possibly make sense in your environment).

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    Nov 11, 2007
    Reza,I recall from you previous posts that you attend the conservatory of music in Tahran and that you are not an adolesent.You have a fairly extensive music background and know what is expected from a teacher.If your only option is your present teacher let him know how you feel about the limited time he gives you during your lesson and make sure he knows how serious you are about you playing. Maybe if he knows how serious you are it will motivate him to be a better teacher.I know you may not have a ton of options as far as teachers go and he may be your only choice so talk to him. Good Luck
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    Jul 17, 2008
    The main thing is to just play everyday even if it's just for a few minutes to keep your lip muscles in shape. Once you get your lips to the proper level start working through method books like the Arbans or Clarke is a really good trumpet book as well pretty much anything that contains alot of rythmical and technical stuff. Playing from those will help you learn your scales as well which benifts you later on down the road in playing without music simply from knowing what key the other people are in. Hope I helped.
  8. Rezamozaffarinia

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Thanx alot for your reply,

    -yes my lesson is one on one.(sorry i used the word Class, in Persian we use class also for 1o1)

    -my goals as a trumpet player... well i do want to be able to play live with groups, i will try my best to get to a level required to play in an orchestra, but in the meantime(next 20 yrs or so...) i'd love to be able to play some pre-bebop Jazz too.

    -i will copy the 1st couple of pages from Arban's book tomorrow and
    i can write down major, minor, blues etc. scales in all keys without the book, all i need is a fingering chart which i already have & i will start practicing them tongued, slurred, legato & staccato like you mentioned, sounds exciting.:thumbsup:

    - i do play guitar in 2 bands actualy, an acoustic 4 piece jazz band (not exactly gig level yet) & a pretty good blues band, i have never really dared to bring the trumpet along with me but i think i can atleast arrange something with our piano player, since i am writing some music for piano & trumpet as a mandatory part of my training in the conservatory.

    Once again thank you very much for all the good advice, i appreciate it.

    Thanks very much for the reply, Yes i think that's the best thing to do, come monday i am definately going to try my best to motivate him, just letting him know that i am seriuos and i have worked hard to earn these lessons (maybe even bring up some big names who started an instrument in their 20s, are they any?)

    i said i worked hard to earn these lessons...you know for a while i looked all over for a trumpet class, but no luck (same for many other orchestral instruments) quite the opposite for guitar and piano, probably most of the population of sub-standard guitar techers in the world live here,lol,

    After i got accepted in the conservatory, they said that students who get a mark 18+/20 on thier main instrument exam will be given a chance to start a 2nd instrument (3rd actualy,piano is mandatory), it was a big motivation to study hard and my big chance to start Trumpet and as you can probably guess all the other trumpet students here are in a completely different level than i am but i belive if a student gets over the intimidation and fear of beginnig to learn a difficult instrument in such conditions he/she atleast deserves a chance for a decent education.

    i hope my teacher will understand.

    Thank you very much for your reply, for now i have a 2 hour schedule everyday but as you mentioned i should keep the muscles working so i will keep that in mind, maybe if i can find a pocket trumpet or simply to carry the mouthpiece with me for the road, even a few minutes of practice everyday.

    and yes the kind folkes here mentioned Arban's and Clarke's ,i am hopefully starting Arban's tomorrow. :thumbsup:

    Thanks again for your replies, i really appreciate it.

    Best regards,

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