I'll be lecturing at the Chicago Brass Festival - drop by!

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    Folks, this is happening very suddenly. Sorry for the last minute thing, but I hope some of you can attend.

    Just yesterday I was asked to lecture at the Chicago Brass Festival on 3/21 at 2:00 PM. I will be discussing brasswind acoustics as it pertains to playing trumpet better. This is SIMILAR to what I did at West Chester three years ago, but FAR less cerebal and more about how the instruments work in concert with the chops and how and what we do when we PLAY. I'll talk about slotting, mouthpieces and chops. This is NOT going to be in conflict with my 3/28 master class as this lecture will just be me doing demos and lecturing. I'm also planning on blowing a tune at the end. At MY master class on 3/28, I'll be getting into HOW to be your own TEACHER or how to figure things out. In short I'll be dealing with process on 3/28 and will be aiming it at players who want to get more out of their practice. In some ways, my 3/21 lecture will be a prelude to 3/28.

    In any case here is the link for the Chicago Brass Festival:
    Chicago Brass Festival

    As you can see, it is more driven by legit playing. I plan on adding the "hariy-knuckled-hands-dragging on the ground" aspect to all of this! I'll just have to make sure I don't get kicked out! Heh, heh!

    Also, Dave Harrison of the Wedge Mouthpiece Company will be there for the whole event - two days! I'll be helping as much as possible. I teach on Friday, but I'll turn up as soon as I can. My son is geting home from U of I on Friday, so I plan on spending some family time, too. In any case, you owe it to yourself to pop on by to at least check out Dave's mouthpieces. I'm using a 7FC25-SST on the Frame for the Blues and Shake YOur Bones and a 3CC25-SST on the Presser here:

    YouTube - Friday the 13th Practice

    I'll also have my NYTC horns there for my lecture/demos (a Stage 1 Cali Light Bb, a Cali C and a GS Cornet). You're welcome to have a look at those, too.

    PLEASE help me get the word out about this event in a viral fashion! This looks really cool and I'd love to meet you folks!


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    M. Haydn Concerto as prelude to ad for 3/21 and 3/28

    Well, I got home from work/school yesterday evening and slapped together this read through of two short excerpts of the Michael Haydn Trumpet Concerto as a prelude to an advertisement for the 3/21 lecture and the 3/28 master class. Sadly, I don't get to play much piccolo these days, but I thought it be fun to have a run at this piece. The opening to the first movement is that hardest thing I can imagine playing. I have to rework my breathing on it. The challenge, for ME, is to NOT play this like I would on Frame for the Blues. One has to handle these things delicately! I find it a lot easier to just slam into a double high B than to sneak up on it like you have to here. It can see you coming and HIDE! Kudos to EVERYONE who has played this on a recital with ANYTHING else on the program! Here's the link. Try not to crack up.

    YouTube - Excerpts from Michael Haydn Trumpet Concerto and plug for 3/21 and 3/28 2009 Master Classes

    This clip is intended as a means to reach out to my Youtube subscribers.As a work in progress (shoot, I AM a work in progress!) I hope you can enjoy it for where it is.

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