I'm going to play in a band soon!

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by snazzypadgett, May 3, 2010.

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    I have a lot of fun doing what I do as well. I gig in a party cover band on average of 30 dates a year (last couple of years have been closer to 35 dates, but this year will probably be a bit less) and I'm on a rotation to play drums every other week with the worship band. I've also done some church gigs here and there as well as the occasional Big Band job. (trumpet, not drums - I only play drums for the worship band) For a while I was also playing with a community college community band, but it got to the point that I was juggling a bit too much and the missus wasn't happy with it - something had to go, so I dropped out of that. I kind of wish I was still doing it though because in some ways it was good for my chops in a way that the other playing isn't - I think it's due to the longer phrases or something, but playing in the community band seemed to strengthen the foundation of my chops.

    Something else that is always fun is doing some light home recording - now THERE is something that will quickly highlight areas that need improvement! There's nothing like hearing what you actually played and getting the instant feedback that digital recording can provide. If you really want to tighten up your playing, those kinds of projects will do wonders to help you focus in to improve things that you might not otherwise even be aware of.
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    Community Bands :thumbsup: - don't be afraid to join a band of younger people, they are learning too and are generally very accepting. The Band Director will choose music to suit the capability of the group rather than the individual players, 'cause he/she loses an entire piece from the repetoire if the "star" player can't turn up. Just a further hint, try and practice both your music and the next chair up. :play: ;-) Above all - have fun.
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