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    Dear TM'ers,

    I posted the message below this morning on TPIN and TH. Our friend and colleague Jeanne Pocius needs us. Please consider giving to this important cause. Please read everything below and show some compassion and give to the fun. Thank you.


    Dear TPINers, TH'ers, TM'ers,

    It is time for this great community of people to come together again and help one of our own in need. We have done this a couple of times before, but never has it been so important as it is now.

    Our friend and colleague Jeanne Pocius, who is in Haiti and who was injured in the earthquake, is still in Haiti and working feverishly to help the students of the school she has put so much of her heart and soul into.

    This work is no longer just about bringing them music.. No.. It is much more now. You see, Jeanne is totally out of money and is HUNGRY. So are her students. They need FOOD and basic supplies. When was the last time any of us went without food? How many times has that happened to you in your lifetime?

    Frankly, I am as worried about her now as I was when we didn't even know if she had survived the quake. She won't come home where people can care for her, so we need to step up and do it for her there.

    I know many of you have already donated to Haiti fund drives. This is different. The money we raise will go straight into Jeanne's pocket and you know she will spend it wisely and most of it will go to the students in her care.

    There are currently 1606 TPIN members. If everyone sent in $10 the impact on Jeanne and the students in her care would be ENORMOUS. Please give. Show as much compassion as you can. If you can afford $100 give it because we know not all 1600 members will give. Buy one less mouthpiece or CD this month and give it to Jeanne.

    As we have done before, I'm going to collect the money through my Paypal account, then wire it all at once to her. We have to act fast! This will be a 5 day fund drive. It will be over next Tuesday. Anyone with a credit or debit card can give through Paypal. Please do not email me about sending a check. It is perfectly safe for you to use your CC through Paypal. Please do not send suggestions on how this could be done better or differently. This is the way it is going to go, so lets not lose sight of the specific goal.

    Go to: and select "Send Money" When asked for the account to send to use this address: [email protected] (please type that carefully or copy/paste it.)

    Please give as much as you can as soon as you can. This money will make a huge difference in her mission. She needs us now.

    Thank you.

    Michael Anderson - TPIN ADMIN

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