In need of sheet music inventory software

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Iceman444443, Sep 29, 2010.

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    It would not be very hard for you to learn enough Excel (or openoffice 'calc') to do what you want. All you have to do is figure out what you want your rows and columns to represent, label the columns, then type the data in the cells in each row and column.

    So you might have a column labelled 'Publisher' and in each row (a row would be a row of cells each containing a piece of data for a specific thing being inventoried) -- the cell in the 'Publisher' column would get the name of the publisher typed into it.

    But what you really need to do this right is a database program...because if you're troubling yourself to keep all of this information, you're, at some point, going to want to access and do something with the information....

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    I totally appreciate with you and its easy to access and use.
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    Or MS Access if you want the database to be fancy.
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    I HATE spreadsheets for database work. They work the first week and then you discover everything that you are missing. Excel is a real dead end street for a project like this. I built this exact project in about an hour for a symphony orchestra in my area using FileMaker Pro. The main reason for writing it myself was because the orchestra wanted to use it to generate lists for paying royalties, storage of program notes, standard orchestration, genre and many other things. After the first hour about 50 more were invested for additional functionality.

    This is a real database job and can be very rewarding for anyone who wants to spend the time. It is really important to make some decisions before starting. Not just the fields are significant, but also how many people need access, who can change things, should there be a view only mode, web access, tracking missing parts and copies, royalties, orchestra size, special instruments, picture gallery with the front page of the original score, attachments (PDF parts) for download - including who may download. This is really just the beginning. I really love this kind of work and it pays VERY well. I could envision something web based like a small IMSLP with additional local functionalities.

    If I was new at this, I would probably either use a FileMaker Pro template (included free with FileMaker 12) or a freeware merchandise inventory package for Micro$oft Access.

    ABC Inventory Software - Free download and software reviews - CNET
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    Excel would do, but it's visually unappealing as it is only ever viewable as a grid, and although you can put in thumbnail photos if you want, it's a pain to work with them. I like FileMaker, but wouldn't recommend it for this purpose as it's $279.00 to start. OpenOffice does have some database functionality, if rather crude, and it's free. But here's a thought: photo asset management systems such as Adobe Lightroom, Apple iPhoto or Aperture, or online Picasa or Google Docs. The database functionality is well-developed; the database allows key-wording and search, and can contain images if you like.

    You can probably grab a lot of the info you require from the web, as people will probably already have catalogued a lot of it. That could save you a bunch of typing.

    For what it's worth, around 2000, when I was still in the sheet music biz, we used Filemaker, and several of the publishers used MS Access. If you're inclined to use Access (Windows only), definitely look at OpenOffice first. It's identical, but it's free, and it's platform-agnostic.

    You might check for database software. Just don't grab anything that isn't already popular - it may not work.

    If by some odd chance you already have a copy of FileMaker, PM me and I'll see if I can whip up a light and easy database for you.

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