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    worth while thoughts
    schilke uses arbans page 123 page 125 one note very loud to build high tone stamina
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    Focusing on "more air" without regard for the other elements is a sure way to disaster.

    Play softly and really make the lips do the work. Is that how it feels when you are playing normally? If you do years of lip slurs by mashing the mpc against your face, you will NEVER gain usable range or endurance.

    Experiment with lip bends, soft slurs with minimal mpc pressure, get a feel for how the lips need to do some work, not the right arm.

    When you get the lips doing their share, then you can think about faster air. Blowing harder will do no good if the lips are being smashed or are overly tense.
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    Rowuk is speaking volumes when he says there's no "cheat" and it's a combination of all the facets of playing. The best athletes are the ones that consistently work on all aspects of their game as well as conditioning. That being said, the website Roddy Trumpet's Home Page has the "Cat Anderson Trumpet Method" online. Cat Anderson played with Duke Ellington for 27 years and was known for his sound and high range. His method is a combination of long-held tones interspersed with sixteenth note runs. He emphasizes resting and how crucial it is to do the exercises properly. Again, no short cuts.

    Also as Rowuk said, if you can find a knowledgeable instructor, you're ahead of the game.
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    Mar 1, 2007
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