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    By influential I take it to mean, set a standard or changed or established a way of playing.

    With jazz I would say Maynard and Dock, maybe Miles.

    With classical I am not who it was but I think Roger Voisin started playing his C trumpet in the orchestra. That surly influenced people. Again in Boston Charlie Schlueter had (has) a different stile and influenced a lot of players

    There are a lot of players on here influencing change. A while back Manny L. was a very strong influence on here. I'm not sure he was breaking new ground but he sure had an effect on a lot of players here.

    There are a lot of players that are super fantastic players but not necessarily ground breaking or reaching out influencing players.

    I would also think that Herseth with his personality and strong musical playing.
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    For jazz,
    what about clifford brown!
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    Word on the street is that he's still looking for the perfect mouthpiece!
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    Clifford Brown
    Dizzy Gillespie
    Lee Morgan

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