Integral Trumpet Retreat 2007

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    Jan 18, 2007
    Integral Trumpet Retreat
    May 25-28, 2007
    Angels' Rest Retreat, Leyden Mass.

    Come join Kevin Cobb and Brian McWhorter for a retreat that will encourage a transformative practice based on integral and wholistic wisdom. Integral Trumpet Retreat 2007 will take place in the gorgeous hills of Leyden, Massachusetts over Memorial Day weekend in May and will be a powerful way to start the Summer off.

    Simply put, the aim of Integral Trumpet is to broadly and radically shift common ideas of practice and its potentials. ITR will provide sustenance to a growing network of musicians who have realized that their practice is comprehensive in scope - that their practice of music brings them to their deepest resistances, their biggest fears,
    and their most vulnerable states - and that by working with these arising signs, the practitioner can work through life in a meaningful and sophisticated way.

    ITR promises to be a retreat of like-minded practitioners who are ready to move on from a reductionistic and competitive field into a contemplative and wholistic path. By understanding that a truly transformative practice is not only made up of fundamentals,
    technique, mental exercises or creative work, we will engage in an integral practice model that will cover all areas of body, mind and spirit and all levels of I, we and it.

    While ITR is essentially for trumpeters, we are happy to consider applications from other musicians. ITR is open to professionals, college students, teachers and amateurs seeking to improve their practice. Total cost for the retreat is $475 which includes tuition, room and board. Scholarships may be available for students.

    "Brian and Kevin's Integral Trumpet Retreat promises to be a fabulous addition to the summer schedule and far from the "same ole, same ole" opportunity to cultivate personal choices and to re-evaluate in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. I urge everyone to take a careful look at their website"
    Ed Carroll, Brass Studies Coordinator, CalArts

    "ITR is a chance to make life-changing discoveries through the integrative power of nonjudgmental awareness. This was a powerful, transformative forum for renewal."
    Britton Theurer, Professor of Trumpet, East Carolina University – ITR participant 2004, 2006

    Please visit the website for more information:
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    Is that the same weekend as the ITG conference, also in Mass?

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    It's the weekend before, Chuck.
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    May 11, 2005
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    Thanks Glenn.


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