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    While I admit that even my late Mother introduced her 2nd grade class to rhythm sticks and blocks, triangles and other such, the costs out of her own purse ... during recess, such wasn't considered in the syllabus or curricula of the school system in South Fayette Township of Allegheny County PA as late as 1970 when she retired. Actually, most of such was combined with sing along to recordings specific for very young children, the latter again out of her own pocket. Too, my Mother also personally paid to keep the schools only piano in good repair and tune which she'd play for the children.

    The youngest that I can remember my Mother privately tutoring on piano was an 8 year old, a girl that she continued to tutor until the girl went to college. That girl was one of two that played the xylophone in our high school marching band and the pianist in our concert band, graduating in my class. In college she became a dietician and was employed in a hospital until she became a casualty in an auto accident that prevented her working. When we closed our home, she bought my Mothers' Iver's and Ponds folded spinet piano. The last I heard from the girl, a note in 2015 X-mas card ... now a crippled geriatric woman, she was still tutoring other children on the piano. FYI she had been hit by a ambulance arriving at the hospital as she was leaving for the day.
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    Wow! That's a tough story!
    I guess we here in Cincy are blessed with a decently funded arts program. I've always thought it was lacking but story's like that make me see how rich I really am. I started trumpet in 4th grade and my 3yo has been using rythem sticks in preschool as did my 6yo. I also remember 2nd and 3rd grade we did a big show with recorders and my parents rembered that from their youth. But I think there is a music culture or underworld that exist here

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