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    Your lips are the "strings" which makes brass playing just that much more difficult. Because of the incredible demands required of trumpet players, it has been deemed the most difficult of all brass instruments by many professional players who are NOT trumpet players. Your lips, brain, fingers, and air supply must learn exactly what it takes to produce the sound and as Rowuk states, that takes considerable time and very diligent work. It doesn't take years to hear notes but it certainly can take years to have your lips reproduce them without many, many hours of practice.
    There are no shortcuts, just hard work.
    Rich T.
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    Thanks a lot there is some really great advice here i will try it.

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    Keep in mind that the Bb trumpet is a transposing instrument, so that if you want to match a concert C, you will use the fingering for D. I know it's weird, but those of us that play orchestral music have learned to transpose on sight. It takes a lot of hard, mind-spinning work, but it is mechanical. I really respect the jazz trumpeters that know thousands of tunes, can play them in any key and say something when they improvise!
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    May I ask, are you in the advertising industry? Your last two sentences cracked me up. ROFL

    Being serious now, listen to what jtpowell said. It's good advice.

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