Internet jazz? itunes?

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    Jan 28, 2011
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    I work in a downstairs office in an octagonal building made entirely of brick. There is an open floor plan to the second floor by way of a balcony overlooking the first floor. I ALWAYS keep my doors open (I have 3) to my office [I am an open door policy kind of guy] and speakers situated throughout the office. So my sound filters out constantly out into the hall and then through the building. I all the many years I have been listening to Pandora in my office with all doors open, I have received at least a half dozen complaints... as to what happened to the great music and why did you turn it off. So I have essentially become the building's musical DJ, and have NEVER ONCE got a complaint to turn the music down.
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    TuneIN Radio is a magnificent app that has about every radio station across the country for free , its quite mind blowing. I have it on my iPhone ,not sure if they have it for android. They have jazz stations by state & category(Piano Jazz, Bass Jazz, etc.) Get i the app if you can , you won't regret it!!!! Its not only good for jazz though, I listen to Spanish music/African/Indian/Chinese music across the globe as well as domestic American Music, if you can't find something you like on TuneIN Radio, then you will never find anything you like anywhere .
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    Pandora - some combination of Miles/Wynton/Coltrane/Sonny Rollins & Herb Alpert if I'm working out in the garage or doing yard work. Sometimes Wes Montgomery.

    Spotify on the iPhone w/ bluetooth speakers around the house.

    I'm weird enough that I like actually owning cd's, organizing them by genre and artist in a huge binder, and carrying them around in my car. I keep all the jewel cases, too.

    At work I run playlists on my laptop - Windows Media Player, since I'm too cheap to pony up the $3.99/month for commercial-free listening on Pandora.

    Sometimes I shuffle everything, and then being in my office can a bit weird, because the genres can clash. Worst incident I recall in recent history was SRV playing Lovestruck Baby, immediately followed by the Hallelujah Chorus. Shot my wheels off for a second as my mind readjusted. It was rather jarring.
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    Linn jazz!

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