Is Cryogenics dead?

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    CHAMP just ain't interested bagmangood.

    Could be that predispositions and meaningless-inconclusive studies'll do that to folks from time to time? Reminds me of the mythology discussed here a while back, that precious-metals don't hold any distinctive sound-variance from Brass. That's predisposed practicality talkin' -nothing more. Not that there's anything practical about building a Horn with precious metals. But that isn't the point -like you say: is it worth it, is what it comes to.

    -I'm half-tempted to suggest a Two Horn test sent out on the Pro-Circuit to informally/unscientifically establish that the 'differences' of playability and sound will come to 'meaningful impression' among the Players with few exceptions. -Anywhere from 'Pleasantly-Significant' to damned-obnoxious. Not unlike my persistence. :) -Which isn't to say that the few exceptions won't know the cryo.'d Horn from the other; or that this would be the rationale of sending the Horns around to begin with. It's an easy bet, all the Players will immediately recognize the treated Horn.

    Better course to my thinking, is gather some reference of recognized Players and their subjective-impressions; in and of the apparent and distinct playability, and sound differences in the Horns. Provided a reasonable platform; the differences are a given, and would enable subjective response from this starting-point is my meaning. Rather than muck'about unnecessarily in which is which, in a fruitless maze of variables. And it'd be good turn to have three horns sent around. An additional Horn of the same models tested, that's been re-designed inclusive of cryo. -And note the Pros thinking to this as well.

    This would provide a clear and immediate line of exercise in figuring yet more attributes that could be encompassed in Trumpet Design. -You literally change the make-up of a metal; it'll stand out. The same way a Copper Bell stands out from a Brass Bell. Particularly so, when brought into the fold of deliberate and provocative design. Course for that to happen, we'd have to figure some qualified reference of incentive that points to the effort being worthwhile.

    Seems like i saw where a Builder offers the option of cryo, and there may be more still? Whether they're stirring this into a design, i don't recall.


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