Is rubbing alcohol harmful to silver?

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Jorto131, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Good info from gmonady. It's really tough, if not impossible to eradicate Staph aureus. When there are extenuating circumstances, I sometimes recommend eradication. But given the ubiquitous nature of it, it is not always successful.

    Also, listen to rowuk on the cleaning approach. If you don't get the "pizza" out of your horn first (with warm water, soap, and a brush), the alcohol won't get rid of the staph.
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    Yes, this is correct, but this does not include antibiotics. It related to cleaning the environment, washing sheets. My point is that antibiotics by Clinical Guideline is pointless, unless you go for eradication which includes two antibiotics, one of which is Rifampin. Are you on Rifampin? If not the staph will not be eradicated.
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    Jan 28, 2011
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    Here is the CDC site for recommendations. The cover recommendations FOR THE PATIENT. The antibiotics mentioned here in the guideline are for the patient to complete treatment that was started for a sigficant infection:

    What to do if you have an MRSA infection
    To prevent another MRSA infection and to prevent spreading MRSA to others once you leave a healthcare facility, do the following:
    · Clean your hands often, especially before and after changing your wound dressing or bandage.
    · Tell people who live with you to clean their hands often as well.
    · Keep any wounds clean and change bandages as instructed until healed.
    · Keep taking any antibiotics prescribed by your doctor. Don't take half-doses or stop before you complete your prescribed course.
    · Avoid sharing personal items such as towels or razors.
    · Wash and dry your clothes and bed linens in the warmest temperatures recommended on the labels.
    · Tell your healthcare providers that you have MRSA. This includes home health nurses and aides, therapists, and personnel in doctors' offices.
    · Ask your doctor for any additional instructions.
    Once again, family members should not be on medication. The risk outweights the benefit. I would call your own physician to get their advice.

    Please note, for the people the patient lives with, recommendation is specific to hand cleaning.
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    Excellent summary from TrumpetMD. Let's keep this therad focused to the harm of rubbing alcohol to silver. Again, deeping the food out, routine cleaning with soap, water, brush is the best advice for most people.
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    Soap, water and brush is also good advice for personal hygiene - not only for the trumpet. Keeping the food out means toothbrush and toothpaste too!
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    You all know of my prior health issues. You may not know that we now live in a very old house that is undergoing continuing repairs, retrofit and renovations. When I was about to be released from the hospital it was first proposed that I go to a rehab facility for an extended time. The rationale for this as put to me was that our home was then in a state of such disrepair that it was not habitable for persons in a reduced health status.

    My wife hired a crew to move all our still unpacked boxes to storage, painters to paint the interior and cleaners to attack the remainder. I was not to do any of this! All I had to do was endure the absence of her hospital visits which were reduced to Sundays only while she oversaw all the work being done.

    I did not have MRSA, which was the staph I was thinking of when I made my prior post which may have been "overkill", but I've attended a funeral of one close to me who died from it.

    I don't want to read of any here on TM who are exposed to MRSA.
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