Is this normal Monette Pic tuning?

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    Feb 23, 2005
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    I have been using various Monette pic mouthpieces with my Yamaha Custom piccolo. Has anyone experienced this setup: In order to play in the center of the horn at A440, I have to pull the A-pipe out quite a bit. Actually, the distance from the Monette mouthpiece rim to reciever is just a hair shorter then having a Bach mouthpiece inserted. Diagram below....

    Monette AP6LM:


    Bach 3E


    With the shorter Monette pic mouthpiece, I assumed that just like my Monette C mouthpiece, the overall length of the instrument/mouthpiece should be relatively the same, only with the tuning slide drawn in to around 1/8". But, like I said, to play in the horn's center at A440, I have to pull the pipe out to match the length of a conventional mouthpiece/pipe/instrument. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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