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Discussion in 'TM Lounge' started by JackD, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. JackD

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    Nov 30, 2003
    Manchester / London
    the BBC proms have been going on for a few weeks now, and there have been some pretty interesting concerts and some more are coming up.

    Listen live or for a week after the concert here:

  2. BigBadWolf

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    Nov 30, 2004
    Los Angeles, CA
    In America a prom is a high school dance.
  3. lonelyangel

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    Nov 8, 2003
    Both come from the same french word, promenade meaning to walk. The word 'prom' is just a shortened form of promenade and in the case of the high school dance I guess its original meaning was that the prom night was the first time you 'stepped out' with your young lady or gentleman in public and maybe walked or promenaded her back to her doorstep for a very chaste peck on the cheek. The BBC promenade concerts - an eight week series of (mainly) classical music held annually at the Royal Albert Hall are so called because some of the tickets are standing, not seated, and the audience are free to walk about, or promenade, in the top circular balcony of that vast building and on floor of the arena during the performance.

    The BBC website is worth checking out - there are usually some jazz nights too. I believe that Wynton has played with the LC band the last couple of years.

    All the best, Noel.

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