I've finally figured out why Ebay Sellers have mile long disclaimers

Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by Osren, Mar 27, 2013.

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    low dollar items and not in great shape .. definite disclaimer. If more people would report the buyer then his rep would go down. The problem is buyers can hold giving negetive feeback like a gun to your head.
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    Dec 6, 2011
    A new play title comes to mind: "Much Ado About Five Bucks." You did good by quickly disposing of small problems, although you discovered the hypocrisy a little late.
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    Jun 22, 2010
    I wish I could find it now, but I ran across an Ebay ad several weeks ago in which the seller stated that bids placed by people who did not first contact him would be cancelled. While I can sort of understand the concept of vetting bidders if you've had bad experiences before, there is also a bigger part of me that could give a flip whether some guy on Ebay approves of me as a buyer. Maybe that's pride talking and I try to avoid thinking too highly of myself (my wife helps with that), but the guy just came off sounding like a jerk.
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    Jan 21, 2013
    Ignorance is bliss...............

    To be sure iv'e had my share of deals go bad ,from the buyers side anyway .

    latest train wreck: Guy puts up a nice 18b Conn ,pictures are a bit fuzzy,no case , but in general a solid tooter ,i win ,he sends the thing wrapped twice in bubble wrap and then a few wraps of news paper,then stuffs it into a home made box ,really just a piece of cardboard he had laying around ,insured for the auction price ,,,,,of course it get's to me crushed , bent,,,,,and with 3 new deep dents .

    He sends me the receipt from the P/O ,and i go there ,they say they will be glad to refund my money and then keep the trumpet!

    Long story short ,nobody is happy ,but i have the horn fixed anyway , iv'e not left feedback yet ,but i feel like i should really tell others of his substandard shipping ,even though he will probably never ship another horn :dontknow:

    Lesson learned i will never buy another loose horn
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    May 7, 2011
    My retort about shipping is to say that there are many components to what shipping actually costs you than the price of the postage.
    I have a postal quality electronic scale, a Zebra thermal label printer for those 4x6 UPS shipping labels, a $xx/mo Endicia account to be able to print my own USPS postage labels. I buy new boxes, new packing peanuts, two kinds of bubble wrap (big bubbles & little bubbles), and packing tape from Uline. It sucks to pay shipping to have bubblewrao and peanuts delivered...

    Then, as professionally as possible, using the best materials, I pack and wrap the item like I would want to receive it. It is a solid package when it goes out the door.

    I then have to trundle it off to the post office, which is 9 miles one way. It takes about 20 minutes to drive there. Each Way. Then it may take 5-15 minutes to actually get the thing dropped off. The post office trip never takes less than 45 minutes. The gas for the 18 mile drive costs $3.50.


    I really chaps my buttkowski when I get my UPS bill a month later and see that they added a fuel surcharge, then a residential surcharge, then an extended rural area surcharge, and a signature surcharge in addition to the price their software quoted me. An $18 label ended up costing $30. I charged $20 for shipping.

    I also take photos of the item as it is wrapped and packed, and photos of all sides of the taped and labeled package.

    My policy is this: You ship it back at your expense, I refund your money after it gets here. No negotiating a discount ever. You like it or you don't. There are alot of eBay terrorists that try to jack you no matter what.

    Recently I sold an item (not a trumpet) to a guy that asked me a bunch of pre-sale questions about the item and was trying to get me to make a statement about the condition of the item. I felt like he was setting me up for the chargeback after the item arrived when his opinion about the condition differed from what he thinks I claimed. I simply stated that I was not qualifed to assess the condition of the item and his best option was to carefully study the photos himself and make a decision about bidding. The item is sold as-is without any implied or explicit warranty regarding suitability for your purpose or condition.

    I know I accurately describe what I am selling. I know I pack it correctly. I am not afraid of some punk leaving me negative feedback (I have a 100% rating) because I can take it. I will make a note/rebuttal comment on the feedback and move on.

    I never leave buyer feedback until they receive the item and I know everything is fine. At least then I still have a bullet in my gun to shoot if they start going weird on me.

    Hey Osren... was this your horn: Olds Ambassador Trumpet 1969 Model not Pretty But A Great Player | eBay

    So he flips it for $175 (he bought for $88) and then accuses you of flipping horns for a profit? Is that a crime? I guess it is OK for him, but not YOU! LOL! I see he also specifies the buyer is responsible for original shipping AND return shipping if they return it.
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  7. Osren

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    Son of a B.... I knew he would flip it... that's the one.

    I refunded his $30 on the 19th and he had it sold by the 22nd!?!?!? :-(:-o

    here is MY listing of it...

    I don't know if he did ANYTHING to it... maybe ultrasonic cleaning and he sold it for almost $100 more then I got for it.

    which once again makes me wonder, "What the heck am I doing wrong on ebay?" I keep thinking there is a secret formula to making money on trumpets... I guess in his case it's to haggle the price down after winning and then threatening his seller to ensure he makes plenty o profit.

    I think I'm pissed now.... or at least disappointed. :-(
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    May 7, 2011
    I think opening the bid for $1 was a mistake. On a high end horn that is great, you will get lots of traffic and the bidding will take care of itself. On a low end horn you'll just get what you got. He got a deal. Maybe a BIN price of $150, with an opening bid of $125 would have made you more money? Or $250 fixed price with a "make Offer" button.

    I'd suggest that there is no profit to be made flipping Ambassadors on eBay. Maybe you have a chance on Craigslist, but this time of year is tough. You need the back to school buyer in July-September. You need to be BUYING now so you can flip in August.

    Even so, you end up paying 9% to eBay, 3% to PayPal, then have to deal with shipping costs and your time to create the ads, pack, ship etc. All to make $40??

    Aim higher. Buy better horns. It's easier to make $150 on a $800 horn than it is a $150 horn.

    When I started I flipped a bunch of low end horns to build up my bankroll. But I would buy them on CL really cheap. ($25-50 for an Ambassador like yours) then flip for $125-200. After a bunch of those I had about $800 and started getting better horns, but I was choosy. There had to be some margin on it... like a $350 Strad, or a $400 Connstellation. If you can't make $150 on the deal after all expenses it is not worth the time. Save up and look for better inventory.

    You make your profit when you BUY the horn... not when you sell it!
  9. Conntribution

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    Dec 25, 2010
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    1st spring session of Trumpet Court. DisHonorable judge Conntribution presiding.
    Summation for the defense as follows: Ferret-Eyed flipper (herein known as Plaintiff) buys Ambassador trumpet from Defendant at a reasonable price, due to cosmetic flaws including lacquer wear and heat discoloration.
    Said plaintiff receives trumpet and begins systematic chiseling regarding said flaws in crude attempt at extortion.
    Defendant refunds $30.00. Extortionate attempt successful, thus increasing Plaintiff's profit margin.
    Judgement for the Defendant in the amount of lesson learned. Welcome to the pitfalls of free market capitalism combined with flexible ethics.
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    May 7, 2011
    You got $30 (shipping) + $100(profit you gave to Phil) worth of experience. Write it off your taxes as tuition.

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