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    • 2010 - "Three's Company" - James Morison with Phil Stack and James Muller
    • 2010 - Feels Like Spring - James Morrison and The Idea of North
    • 2007 - Christmas
    • 2007 - The Other Woman
    • 2006 - Gospel Collection Volume II
    • 2006 - 2x2 - James Morrison and Joe Chindamo
    • 2005 - Gospel Collection
    • 2003 - On The Edge - with Simon Stockhausen
    • 2002 - So Far So Good
    • 2001 - Scream Machine
    • 1999 - European Sessions
    • 1998 - Three Minds
    • 1998 - Quartet
    • 1996 - Live At The Sydney Opera House - James Morrison with his Big Band
    • 1994 - Live In Paris - James Morrison and The Hot Horn Happening
    • 1993 - This Is Christmas
    • 1992 - Two The Max
    • 1991 - Manner Dangerous
    • 1990 - Snappy Doo
    • 1989 - Swiss Encounter - James Morrison & Adam Makowicz
    • 1988 - Postcards From Downunder
    • 1984 - Live At The Winery - James Morrison & The Morrison Brothers Big Bad Band
    • 1984 - A Night In Tunisia - James Morrison & The Morrison Brothers Big Bad Band
    [h=2][edit] Instruments[/h]As well as playing instruments, James Morrison has also had input into the process of creating them. In early 2010 he formed an association with Austrian brass manufacturer "Schagerl" and they have produced a number of "signature" models. These include two series - the custom, hand-made "Meister" series and the intermediate professional "Academica" series. There are trumpets and trombones in both series and a flugel horn and bass trumpet in the Meister series only. Ongoing work will see more new instruments from Morrison and Schagerl, although the Academica series are now available to the public worldwide.
    An earlier instrument creation project was to work with designer and robotics expert Steve Marshall, to produce the Morrison Digital Trumpet, a MIDI wind controller that looks and acts like a futuristic version of a regular trumpet. This allows a trumpeter to play electronic sounds in much the same way as a pianist can play an electronic synthesizer.
    In addition, Morrison has broadened his love of musical technology to include vocal performing. On his collaboration album The Other Woman which features singer Deni Hines, he wrote a track called '(Tired Of Being) the other woman'. When Morrison performed this track at a performance in Sydney, he revealed his latest piece of music technology. It is a Roland keyboard that has a microphone attached and 'sings' whatever Morrison speaks into the microphone - producing the sound of a choir.
    [h=2][edit] Trivia[/h]Morrison played the Republican Spanish National Anthem at the Davis Cup Final in Australia in 2003. Instead of playing the current version, he performed the Himno de Riego anthem not heard since the Second Republic era, causing the enraged Spanish Secretary of State for Sport to walk out in anger. Morrison later admitted he had learned the tune from a file called "Spanish National Anthem" which he downloaded from a peer to peer network without checking its veracity.[SUP][2][/SUP] Fortunately an official quickly found a CD of the correct one, placating the Spanish and allowing the match to proceed.
    James Morrison guested on Spicks and Specks, performed on his trumpet and was disappointed at the reaction. Fellow guest Colin Lane suggested he play the instrument with his backside for extra effect. This sequence was not broadcast.
    Morrison played a duet with Australian soap star Craig McLachlan on the 500th episode anniversary show of Neighbours in 1989. He played the trumpet while McLachlan played the electric guitar.

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