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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by trjeam, Nov 14, 2005.

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    Nov 9, 2005
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    Well, maybe until you are comfortable with the sound you want in your head for these styles, try this. You have to take a break inbetween these mini-sessions, right? Maybe, have a cd ready with an artist playing the style and sound you are about to emulate and listen to that while you are taking that break. This will do 2 things...ensure you are taking a break..at least as long as one cut's worth....and may get your ears/mind set up for the next phase of your practice. ?? (practicing classical? Listen to a classical tpt cd....jazz practice?...etc).

    Maybe you just need that reinforcement for now. All the things you are practicing seem to be in line. Add some listening inbetween to help change gears.[/quote]

    This might be a helpful suggestion as well, however, I agree with Wilmer in that you should try to hear it in your mind instead of using a recording, so as not to build a dependence on an mp3 player dictating your style. I know that you intended that to be a starting point, from which to depart, but there is a danger of becoming too accustomed to it.

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    Yes...that's why I said maybe they needed that reinforcment "for now". You are absolutely correct!

    I will say it is always great to listen to (and remind your self of) great players playing great things. It sure is inspiring.

    No crutches though.... you won't have that on the job/gig/rehearsal. You gotta know where you are and what you need to produce. Practice is practice...gigs is gigs...where you put it all together.

    The greatest thing I got out of wiseone's comments...relax. You can do it. It seems you may be stressing a bit on all this. Have some fun.

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