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Discussion in 'Trumpet Discussion' started by crowmanic, Feb 22, 2016.

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    I said legato toungeing because most of the jazz I play uses that. I agree that jazz cannot be taught in words. It is very different than classical. In classical, you need to play exactly as written with a little bit of expression. I find jazz a bit more complex. There is a lot of room for interpretation. You should learn to listen closely to ALL INSTRUMENTS in various jazz bands. Listen to every different jazz style. Ex, Be-Bob, Swing, Cool, Fusion, Ballad, and blues. Take notice to how each of the instruments articulates. Then try it out for yourself. But remember to keep the articulation with its correct genre of jazz. You don't want to mix them up. Eventually this will become habit, and you will put all of us to shame!!!;-)
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    Oct 22, 2008
    No one ever posts the question "Classical Style" or "How do I play classical music?".

    But we regularly get the question "How do I play jazz music?".

    That's okay. But I think we keep asking the "jazz" question, because some of us hope there's a secret to playing jazz. Maybe it's "listening" or finding your "internal pulse". Or maybe it's something else. But if we can just figure out that one all-important secret, we'll know how to play jazz. ;-)

    Of course, in reality, there are many things we can do (or should do) to learn to play jazz.

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    I believe, regardless of genre, that as musicians we try to externalize the sounds in our head. Part of that is technique, and part is style. Style involves knowing history and, uhh, listening.
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    Well put. I'm seeing where internalizing what you're after is essential. As it applies to Jazz improvisation at what point does it become as internalized as speech?

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